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A short break.

I’m taking a few weeks off from the website. Going to get recharged and hopefully come back with a vengeance worthy of vengeful people doing vengeful things. I may post if something takes my fancy, but most probably not.

It’s nice and hot here in the Netherlands thanks to the global warmings, so I hope that all of you manage to have a relaxing break as well. And if you miss my scribblings then you can always buy my books, right?

Soundcloud are a bunch of lying leftist terrorist supporting idiots.

A couple of months ago, Soundcloud, the site that hosts my podcast episodes, decided to go all in with the Marxist terrorist anti-Anglo extortion racket called black lives matter, (hint: they don’t). They proudly displayed a large black banner across their main page. I took a little affront to this. As in, I did not renew my yearly subscription which came up a few months later.

They have sent me a number of reminders to give them another 100 odd bucks, but I have refused all their entreaties. Then they took down most of my episodes, which is fine by me; I still have them securely saved in a couple of locations.

But now in an all out effort to get me back, they are resorting to outright fraud. And not just fraud, but really stupid obvious fraud.

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Gutting the suburbs.

The next stage of prog left insanity is to gut yet another institution and wear its skin while demanding respect, and that institution would be the suburbs. The Democrats cunning plan is to take away the ability of communities to vote on zoning laws at the local level. The Other McCain believes that this is revenge for the refusal of the suburbs to get with the program.

This is not “reform,” it’s revenge: Democrats hate suburbia because most suburbanites vote Republican. Anyone can look at a map of the 2016 election results and figure this out. For example, Hillary Clinton got 85 percent of the vote in Baltimore, Maryland, whereas in nearby Carroll County, Trump won by 17 points. In Missouri, Hillary got 80 percent of the vote in St. Louis, but in suburban Jefferson County, Trump won by more than a 2-to-1 margin. Similar patterns could be pointed out all across the country, and Democrats have therefore embraced a policy agenda intended to punish people who live in Trump territory.

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Dark days.

You have probably noticed the lack of writing on my part. I have not been in the mood. I mean, how many times can I repeat the same things? People don’t want to know and they will shoot the messenger. I have a dedicated following but it’s preaching to the choir. What’s the point? It’s all going to hell in a hand basket this year, and nothing that I say or write will make any difference. So I’ve been right about a bunch of things over the last five years. And? So what. Big deal, dude. Not worth a pitcher of warm spit when it all comes down to it.

Here’s a couple of links that sum it all up.

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Doctors be like, how many likes did my selfie get??

There’s a publication called the Journal of Vascular Surgery. I like to peruse its contents while perched on the thunder box. Helps to get the juices flowing, if you get my drift. Helps with blockages. Takes all types.

Recently the good journal made a statement that female doctors should demur from posting selfies wearing bikinis and consuming alcohol as this may well detract from their professional image and cause patients to seek advice elsewhere. In other words, the journal was attempting to help female doctors to be more professional and thus to make more money. To become financially independent. Because that is what a young girl who plays with dolls dreams of being when she grows up.

The response was as you might suspect it to be.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The grain of salt edition.

Last week’s Friday hawt chicks & links was a tribute to the Woodpile Report. I was a little worried that readers might consider my tribute to be a bit uppity or out of place. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction, both in the comments and via email. It seems that I did an okay job, which was somewhat of a relief. You never know which way these things will go. In fact, I never know how anything that I publish will be received or what the reaction might be. Viral posts are never planned, by any writer. If you try to deliberately hit a nerve you will almost be guaranteed of missing. Most times the viral posts are those done off the cuff, a quick five minute throwaway before you hit the sack. Might as well get something up before I turn in, that sort of thing.

And then you get up the nest morning and the world has gone crazy, online world that is. It’s a decent analogy for life. You can do all the planning that you want but most times you need a dash of the absurd to hit the ceiling.

Anyway, I received many requests for me to continue the format dedicated to Ol’ Remus. Once again, this does not sit well with me. It feels blasphemous, as if I am trying to ride on his recently deceased coattails. But the requests keep coming and sometimes you need to give people what they want. So I will continue the format, for now. While it still works and while it is still acceptable. If I get push back then I will drop it. The important thing to note is that Remus dedicated his entire week to writing the Woodpile Report, whereas I try to get at least three or four other pieces out during the week as well as a podcast. Plus, I am not retired. Work wise I normally approach sixty contact hours in a week. So this will never approach the length or breadth of what he managed to achieve. He also had a good many decades of worldly experience on me, whereas I am just a spring chicken novice in comparison.

So take it with a grain of salt. If the format brings you comfort, satisfaction, joy and a sprinkling of illumination then it will have achieved its purpose. That is all that I offer, nothing more. And with that, on with the show.

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Economic citizenship shopping.

Paper Australians are Australian for their own advantage only. The real question is just how long this condition lasts. How long before the rats desert the sinking ship? Is it a single generation? Two, or maybe three? Even longer? If you listen to the casual proponents of civic nationalism, they would have you believe that anyone who sets foot in the country immediately obtains the sudden inheritance of Western values via the mysterious elements of magic dirt and support from the globo-homo industry.

That last one is not specifically mentioned, nor alluded to; it simply lurks in the shadows like the misshapen and grotesque toad that it is. But it is there nonetheless.

Let us accept for the moment that this immediate assumption of Western values happens. And what then? Are they Australian? What does that mean? Does it mean that they share in our prosperity? Does it mean that their progeny have equal rights to the nation as the progeny of those that were the once nominal cultural heirs of the nation via blood?

Would they defend Australia to the death from foreign invaders? Such a question is somewhat ludicrous; how can foreign invaders be expected to defend their adopted country from foreign invaders? Which foreign invaders have a greater claim? The ones with the biggest stick?

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Kristina Karen Keneally just misses home.

A few months’ ago I wrote about Australian labor politician, immigrant invader blow-in and affirmative action recipient Kristina Keneally, who was making noises about having some sort of rethink about Australia’s disastrous immigration policies which she herself had championed for so long. I was firmly of the opinion that the woman not be let off the hook for her past actions.

Keneally is the original Karen, a domineering busybody who wants to see the manager, but unfortunately for Australia she, and many of her ilk, became the manager. She is the strident banshee who instead of being disciplined as a child was continually told that she could be anything that she wanted and that she could change the world.

An aside about the Karen meme: it’s the nationalist right’s response to mansplaining.

Anyhow, Kristina ‘Karen’ Keneally, (KKK), is back in the headlines again but this time for more nefarious reasons.

Australia under pressure to officially ban right-wing extremist organisations.

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Podcast #149 – The state of the manosphere with Scott Klajic.

I talk with psychologist and manosphere commentator Scott Klajic about the state of the manosphere today, red pill journeys, and immigration.

Scott’s website listing his psychological services:


The Friday hawt chicks & links – The Woodpile edition.

The hawt chicks & links comes in this week with a great deal of sadness. The Woodpile Report is no more. Ol’ Remus succumbed to cancer a few weeks ago and only the final page remains in place, a fitting testimony to a man who posted to the end. Remus followed his wife to God as she passed away only a few months prior. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and lasted three weeks. I have no doubt that he refused all medical treatment; from his writings he was not the sort to prolong the agony. The just get it over and done with type, pull the band aid immediately and no wincing. Or are ya some weak kneed city slicker?

Some of his many hundreds of reports have been collected on another site. I went through a few but they lacked the magic of reading them in their moment of time. I will read them no more; it is something that has gone and cannot be replaced. His dry wit, piercing intellect and unending curiosity coupled together with a beautiful writing style made him unique. I am proud to have been linked to on The Woodpile Report. When it happened I knew that I had passed a test. A rite of passage if you will.

So this edition of the hawt chicks & links is dedicated to Ol’ Remus. And you would be wise to follow his eternal advice to stay away from crowds. You never want to discover that you’re the last remaining optimist.

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