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Podcast #111 – The golden rules episode.

There are some golden rules that must be heeded in life, and in this episode I present not one, not two, but three golden rules! Ah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa.

Also, internet dramas and why Aaron Clarey is wrong to encourage women into STEM and as such I issue him a physical challenge on the computer machines.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Milo’s inordinately long and overwrought article on Lauren Southern and some fags.

Sigma Frame pays off his student loans with more loans!


Won't anyone think of the leftists?


Example number one million of why women should not have the vote.


  1. 7817

    Really good episode.

    First rule was mildly humorous when you stated it, but as you continued to repeat it throughout the show for emphasis, the humor increased vastly, to the point that at the end of the show I almost had tears of laughter. You made a mantra out of that first rule, it’ll stay in my mind I think.

  2. I’m not surprised by Southern, but I suspect milo doesn’t have his nose clean. He is, after all, a former YAF speaker. In his favor, though, is the fact that YAF dropped him (they toss aside anyone who doesn’t tow an establishment line. See Steve Deace and Gregg Jackson – they were speakers until they blew the lid on the organized religious right)

    The organized right wing will never accomplish anything, as it’s “leaders” are not interested in “advancing the ball.” There is too much money in whining to solve the issues (and give up reliable revenue).

    National review effectively neutered advocacy of limited government by throwing the John Birch Society under the bus, and fracturing the right, costing Barry Goldwater the election. (There were two William F Buckley’s who worked for the cia in the 50’s. One left and immediately started national review).

    The tea party movement in 2009 quickly became embroiled in lawsuits as interest groups came in to profit off of it. (Look into Mark meckler and his lawsuits with other groups).

    In 2010, I was sitting in a department meeting at a prominent right leaning. think tank as they discussed the tea party movement, confesses they could not understand it, and then sought to solicit $$$ from them in exchange for talking points material.

    The allegation of southern trading sex for talking points is not beyond believability. In the political world, that crap is incredibly normal, even with The CPAC crowd.

  3. Rex

    I had just watched the interview between Molyneux and Southern the day before reading Milo’s article. The thought that immediately came to mind when I saw the title of the video was that she was going to practice what she has been preaching for the past few years and go home, get married and start popping out babies. When they got to the part about retirement, she didn’t seem very enthusiastic. After having read Milo’s article, her words now come across more as simple lip service.

    Another question that came to mind from the video was what would be the odds of Southern succeeding in marriage and raising a family? Assuming for the moment that she hadn’t extracted copy via pen-polishing spree, could it not be argued that the dopamine hits of her e-fame would similarly have ruined her for any reasonably decent man just as much as whoring around would have? What type of man would want someone with her background? Would he cut it for her or is he now only to be found in the mythical category, i.e. non-existent?

    Milo is not off the hook either. He has made the case in the past that homosexuals were better off when they had to stay in the closet, but his actions speak more of “Do as I say, not as I do.” He not long afterwards went and got married to another man. Why the hell isn’t he leading by example? The flamboyance is encouraging to others, which then inhibits the side he claims to be on.

    The Spidey sense always seems to tingle with these types. Say something about it and then you hear all kinds of time-wasting NAXALT. Yes, fine, NAXALT, but that’s not where one should start. How many Margaret fucking Thatchers can there really be out there?

  4. TechieDude

    Clarey is absolutely wrong about STEM everywhere, all the time. In order to succeed in those fields, you need an innate sense of curiosity for those subjects. Did you ever know a girl to look at a suspension bridge and wonder how they built it? Or if you mention how it works as you cross it, do they engage in conversation? Boys mostly will. My brother once observed that you either “get” computers or you don’t. If you don’t you can learn to work with them, but you won’t “get” them. You will live a miserable existence in IT if you don’t like it. You will be competing with nerds who do this on their own time. Girls don’t get that.

    His fallback is Trades. Which is great for a guy. Bad thing there for women is you can’t bypass the hard grunt work of an apprentice. You have to dig and fit pipes, run wiring (often in crappy spaces), do the tedious hours of data cable termination, put up with the asshole master or crew chief (like me). Only after that can you hope to be good at fixing these things. You can’t just “know” about it. It has to be second nature.They lack the stamina, strength, and desire to do the work.

    My kids are at the age now where the enormity of the student debt timebomb is hitting their friends. Every story I hear is like that dude. And every story involves missing payments for years, then being shocked, shocked I tells ‘ya, about what compound interest and fees have done. With my kids I said not to take on debt more expensive than a car and treat it like a car payment. Unlike a car, you don’t have an asset and you cannot seek bankruptcy relief. You become a debt serf. All that guy did was pump water out of the septic tank of college debt, filter it, and fill a massive pool, which he dove right into. Sure he’s floating now, but he’ll be drowning soon enough. To quote Clarey again, on an asshole podcast – I wonder, he seemed to be employed, did he have a car? Did he have a house/apartment note, did he have credit cards? Was he spending money, ignoring a 20K debt, which isn’t even an expensive car note. My oldest had 12K left when her idiot friend (now 150K+ under) told her to forgo paying, it would be forgiven. I called bullshit and told her everyone that counts on that will be stuck. Pay it off (She did. In less than two years).

    You are right on the money regarding women and homos. The generate drama and intrigue where none need exist. I know few of them that don’t thrive on it, and I’ve worked places where they’ve destroyed previously high functioning male teams. For the first decade, my entire group was all male. We hired one female, and the whole dynamic is off. Especially since the new HR ‘guidelines’ came out. I’ve had more than one female in the past go up to other females in the group and ask why I hate them. One in particular took it personally when I told her she couldn’t stream audio on our network because it was not work based, and not allowed in our IT policy.

  5. WFJacoby

    I love Clarey, but his biggest flaw is, like most gen X’ers, that he is okay with 1990s degeneracy, as long as is stops right there. The problem with this theory is that it is akin to not wanting to burn one’s house down, but set ONLY the living room on fire. I agree that you cannot have it both ways. One is either for the global-homo agenda or against it. There is no middle ground.

    I believe the only thing holding Clarey back from finding god is bad childhood experiences with “churchianity.” I still respect him as a truth seeker, but I take his advice with a grain of salt for this reason.

    • Charlton Saxon

      He also advises clueless young men to get vasectomies before they can fully contemplate the true purpose of a man’s existence: which is to have as many children as possible with a good woman and kick ass every day in this world until death. Purposely terminating your own male line that has been continued since the dawn of humanity is the worst decision ever.

  6. Charlton Saxon

    Good point Adam on the women with STEM degrees. I just met a nice young lady. She is pretty, feminine, well mannered and pleasant to be around, and no tattoos. The only problem is she is finishing up a Masters degree in fucking retarded ass STEM. I make plenty of money and I would like a stay at home wife to raise my children and cook for me. If I initiate any kind of relationship with her I will have to convince her that her six years of hard studying was all for nothing and then be stuck God knows how much of her student debt to pay off. She is just as ruined as a blue haired SJW. I can understand girls getting some type of minor certification or training, but expensive 4-8 year STEM degrees destroy young women just as bad as any other worthless degree.

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