Debate mash-up – I told ya!

Yesterday I wrote that Trump would “lose” but that he would actually win. I couldn’t watch most of it. I had it going in the other room but truly every time I heard the harpy’s voice I instinctively shuddered. So I followed Matt Forney’s twitter feed and the debate thread on Catallaxy while I worked away on the final tweakings of the new book, (due out tomorrow!) Post-debate I listened to Forney’s live youtube stream which was good but kept devolving a little too much into what the two participants looked like. Matt, you should get an evil Aussie on next time to keep you seppos inline. (We call you guys seppos in Australia).

But today we have some headlines. What did I say? That Trump would be concentrating on the viewers while Hillary would be trying to “win” the debate?

Hillary amazing but Trump will win more voters.

Hillary was obviously the more prepared, but on a gut level Trump connected with many Americans. He also avoided two major pitfalls: he never got too nasty with Hillary, and though he’s obviously not as knowledgeable on the details, he never got caught out on any embarrassing factual mistake.

Scott Adams scores the first debate.

Trump needed to counter Clinton’s successful branding of him as having a bad temperament to the point of being dangerous to the country. Trump accomplished exactly that…by…losing the debate … Clinton won the debate last night. And while she was doing it, Trump won the election. He had one thing to accomplish – being less scary – and he did it.

There are many more around the internet but they’re saying the same thing. Of course the MSM are crowing Hillary’s awesomeness but we already predicted that. My analysis is that Hillary prepared feverishly to win the debate without considering that her opponent would know that. She was operating on simple first level thinking. Trump knew that she would do that and he prepared himself accordingly to look calmer, more reserved, and win the voters watching at home. Second level thinking. I reckon he must enjoy the odd game of poker.

Trump will “lose” the debate.


the only thing unbelievable here is Clinton writing her own material.

It’s a couple of hours until Trump faces off with Clinton in the first of the 90 minute televised debates. To put my feelings plainly, I have no doubt that Trump will wipe the floor with his opponent. This is a man who was the prime role on a massive syndicated reality show for years. He knows what to do with the camera, and he knows what to do with his opponent who must be in a state of foggy brain-melting panic as I write this. Clinton feels that she is owed the presidency, apparently for all the hard work she has done for America. So how could it come to this? The very idea that she must now step out onto the stage, face the Trump-monster, and actually have to earn her reward must be bewildering for her. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, after all she let the darkie win last time. Which is why Trump has to lose.

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The fourth estate has abandoned its sanctity.


he should have run them down.

News came to hand the other day that another news channel in Australia has attempted to create the news yet again. The Seven network flew a family of trouble making muslim ingrates to France where they deposited them on a crowded beach wearing burkinis, the intention being to film the “racist” reactions from the unsuspecting locals. Unfortunately things didn’t go to script as the locals weren’t cooperating, and Seven was forced to utilize devious camera techniques and sneaking editing to get their prearranged story. Keep in mind that the beach in question was in Nice which you may recall was the scene of a rather nasty terrorist truck attack not so long ago.

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Corto Maltese – Beauty & Masculinity.


the elegant storyboards and captivating narratives of Hugo Pratt.

It’s Sunday morning, a spring Sunday morning in my corner of the world, and so it is time for another entry in my series of the habits of the modern man. Today I have something a little different for you. Many of you will pass up the opportunity to explore the astounding world of Corto Maltese, but for those of you who do decide to dip your toe in the salty sea water, a tantalizing journey awaits you.

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Fathers guilty until proven innocent.


this guy looks capable of domestic violence at any moment …

As a man today you do not need additional evidence to understand that when it comes to being a father the odds are stacked heavily against you getting access to your kids if your relationship falls to pieces. The kids’ mother could just about be a meth-riddled lunatic who holds up pharmacies at knife point to feed her habit and she’d still get custody over you. (By the way, that’s not an exaggeration – I know personally of just such a situation where the mother has custody, the only little problem being that she is also in custody.)

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