You don’t need game in marriage.

The general attitude around the manosphere on the subject of marriage is that the modern man would have to be mad to even contemplate the very idea seeing as how badly the deck is stacked against him with regards to divorce, custody of children and the ongoing financial obligations that burden a man who finds himself in the position of being cast out of his own home because he doesn’t give his wife the tingles any more.

In the MGTOW community this attitude is written in stone, and for good reason; only not for the reason that those men think. That is because the men who inhabit the present-day iteration of MGTOW would be eaten alive in the average marriage. They think that they’re abstaining from the contract because it’s not worth their while, when in actual fact they’re avoiding it because they don’t know how to effectively manage a woman in the very short term, let alone in the long term.

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Never trust a white knight.

I received a comment this week on the 2nd episode of my new podcast, The Greasy Pole from regular reader and commenter Heresolong.

You guys might want to actually listen to a whole podcast before ripping it apart, rather than having one of your two hosts listen to half a podcast and then draw conclusions based on that limited knowledge. Actually Stefan Molynieux spent just as much time ripping the idiotic behavior of the woman as he did pointing out what a sleaze Anzari whatever his name is. Additionally, The Great One’s comments that it was Stefan who was aghast at the behavior of Anzari is completely off the mark, as it was the woman who was all bent out of shape about Anzari’s behavior, as expressed in the article they were reading. Consequently you spent time running down Molynieux, who generally provides very thoughtful analysis, for no particular reason, when you probably would have agreed with him if you’d bothered to find out what he actually said.

I sighed a little at this because I knew that I now had to watch the video myself. But when a challenge such as this is shot across my bows I feel the need to find out if there is an outside chance that I am wrong.

Well I’m happy to say that I was not wrong at all.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The trad thots get deported edition.

It’s been a hell of a busy week for yours truly but I’m still managing to put out the usual good old stuff that you’re all expecting. This week’s hawt chicks & links is dedicated to all those trad thots out there getting deported from foreign countries that don’t want to hear alternative points of view to the globalist prog lines.

Question: if the globalists are against alternate views it’s still a bit hypocritical to deport people when you’re supposedly against borders and all that. Just sayin’.

Anyway, here are the links and the girls. You know what comes next. That’s what she said. Or maybe that’s what I said. Keep her movin’.

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Ladies, your college degree and job won’t get you laid.

A recent discussion I had with a 40 year old Australian woman was interesting for me. The topic was what attracts men to women. My argument was the standard manosphere line: men are attracted to youth, beauty, and femininity; women compete with other women for men; if you’re a woman competing for a man your main rivals are those women who hold those attributes.

Which means for a 40 year old divorced gal with two kids, she’s not really in the frame for the quality men out there who possess the attributes that women place at the top of their list: wealth, status, power, and great hair.

This of course did not go down well at all.

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