The female orgasm is submissive.

I’ve been sitting on the following video for two weeks now, trying to work out the best way to approach it. It’s presented by Bettina Arndt, an Australian sex therapist, online dating coach, and now champion of men’s relationship issues. The video in question is titled, Bettina Arndt on today’s sex starved husbands, and needless to say, she gets everything wrong.

We don’t have to even get one minute into the video to realize that this woman has no idea of what she’s talking about. Like a hideous relationship destroyer, up bubbles the cringe-inducing word that scuttles all relationship help in its tracks:

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I love me some hawt chicks and links.

Greetings to the good morons, delcons, and deplorables everywhere, and welcome to another Friday, another round of links and drinks, tongue kissing and video gazing, and hawt chicks who like to do nothing more than to be as hawt as they can for as long as they can. What is better in life? Not much, unless you listen to Conan, and it’s hard to listen to a guy who talks like he has a platoon of cheeseburgers in his mouth.

But enough of randomness, time for the good old stuff.

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#Fake Australian parliamentarians.

The last week has seen some extraordinary developments in the Australian parliament. Two senators from the far-left Greens party were each forced to resign when it was discovered, (the first case in a search by a private citizen), that they were dual citizens, rendering them ineligible to serve in parliament under the terms of the constitution.

But it gets even more amazing with a former Greens senator who served for over a decade in parliament now admitting that he held dual citizenship for the entire period. And the leader of the Greens is now under scrutiny as he is being asked to provide documentary evidence that he does not still hold Italian citizenship. From The Australian:

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The great Australian immigration betrayal.

Chatting to people here in Holland, their perception of Australia is that we are very hard on immigration. This false reality stems from them getting their news from the general mainstream media. Much like back in Australia we think that Europe has been completely overrun with immigrants because that is what we see on the news.

I have to explain to them that while we stopped the boats, and made a very big deal out of doing so, that was only a sideshow compared to what has been going on as regards to legal immigration into the country for the past 15 odd years. John Howard changed the immigration rules in the early 2000s, with the resulting change being that the average yearly migration rate since that period has been 210,000 people per year whereas previously the average was 70,000.

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The alt right will save music and music will help save our civilization.

Rock and roll. It used to be a thing. Growing up in the late seventies and eighties I caught the tail end of it. There was a brief resurgence in the nineties with bands like Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Tea Party, but the last twenty years have just been tits up as far as rock and popular music is concerned.

There are many reasons for this, not least the breakdown of the entire platform that the music industry existed upon. They had a brief little victory with Napster but it was a pyrrhic victory at best as anyone could tell except for the meat-head members of Metallica. But still, it doesn’t really explain the complete and utter self destruction of rock and popular music.

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