Fake news – everything is backwards.

I have to admit that after the US election I was wondering how the MSM would reconcile their total collective failure to both report with objectivity on the news and analyze and predict the direction of events. In other words, how would they deal with the fact that they suck at their jobs and their business model is cactus?

I was under no illusion that the MSM would spontaneously decide to clean up its act. The only possible response of SJWs in a situation such as this is to double down. It was the alternative media who accurately reported on the election. It was the alternative media who accurately predicted the course of events. And it was the alternative media that repeatedly called out the MSM for its overwhelmingly partisan stance and its shameless attempts to influence the election result in favor of Hillary Clinton.

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Did your grandaddy die for the alt-right?

If you want to believe something just say it over and over again until it becomes true. Repeat it until it rings in your ears. Say it to your friends, shout it from the rooftops, and tweet it until your fingers bleed. That’s what Ben Wilkie has done in this week’s issue of the Australian Spectator in an article titled, Our grandads didn’t die for this. His piece is about the rise of the alt-right and the word he repeats over and over again is Nazi.

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We need to redefine the concept of merit.

As a writer in the manosphere who gives out practical advice with regards to dealing with women there are some things that I cannot advocate. Teaching your wife to fetch for instance. This isn’t a good idea for a number of reasons but primarily because it just doesn’t seem to work. It’s also outdated because you can easily instruct your kids to bring you another beer from the fridge and all you usually have to do is give them a lolly. Of course, this predicates actually having kids which leaves me in an awful bind, but this is merely a greater lesson in the infinite wisdom of the universe that demonstrates, in this case at least, that it hates me and wants me to suffer.

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The simplicity of the lunatic left.

The progressive left likes to use simple terms for simple solutions to simple problems. So the reason that there are few women CEOs is due to “oppression!” and the solution to this problem is “diversity!” It’s a nice game to play because it automatically leads its proponents into thinking that they are not just morally superior but intellectually superior as well. After all, if you are able to identify all problems and offer easy solutions in a simple manner then you must be really smart.

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