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Holy Sydney Smoke.

From The Australian this morning:

Air quality has plunged, Sydney is choking on smoke, buildings have been evacuated and ‘false’ smoke alarms have sounded across the city. The bushfire crisis gripping NSW is building with a ­“lethal” combination of high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds creating horrific conditions for firefighters battling 87 blazes burning from the south coast to the Queensland border.

There are a lot of fires buring on and around the New South Wales coast at the moment. Regular readers will know that I wrote a series of articles a few weeks ago where I explained that the principle reason that the fires are so bad is due to the forest mismanagement around the entire country over the last 25 years. If you let that much fuel load build up then good luck when it goes up in flames because nothing short of a torrential downpour will stop it, and maybe not even then. The defining feature of Class A fires is their heat retention abilities. Slow to get going and very slow to stop.

But the envelopment of Sydney in thick smoke has caused the hardcore climate change pro-green media to rethink their strategy of blaming the fires on the imaginary and capricious weather gods. In other words, it’s one thing to hold pie in the sky attitudes as you flirt around the coffee machine, but it’s another thing entirely when soot starts to build up in your latte.

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Podcast #128 – The rootlessness episode.

Not having roots causes a man to drift aimlessly, a prime target for the globohomo progressive lunatics. I discuss this from a personal perspective of epic rootlessness.

A review of Roosh’s Babylon Road.

After five months on the road and 24 episodes of the video documentary of his travels around the United States, Roosh V has completed an epic speaking tour. I was only sorry that I could not attend, seeing as it did not coincide with my own travels to the USA. But we have his video logs, and more importantly we have his conclusions and insights of what the last five months have taught him.

Here is his final episode with his insights, and below the fold are my own thoughts on his grand tour.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – We care about your privacy edition.

Here at the Friday hawt chicks & links we care about your privacy. Actually, that’s not true at all; it’s a bare faced lie. We couldn’t give three shits about your privacy. Your precious and overrated privacy can go and burn itself up in a dumpster grease fire for all we care. Why is it then that whenever we visit a website for the first time we are accosted by this ridiculous slogan and a mild exhortation to accept their cookies that will enter your computer like mindful little virus worms and eat out its insides with a spoon?

I suppose it’s because in some parts of the world governments have passed laws stating that that sort of thing is naughty and if you’re going to do it then you have to let people know first. Which brings us back to the we value your privacy bit. I suppose in a way it’s true; they do care about your privacy which is why they want to get access to it for their nefarious needs. And every time we press the okay button a little part of our computer’s soul dies in an Orwellian malaise.

I have taken to clicking the no button on these unwelcome exhortations to give up my private parts. And of course I use Brave as a browser which you should all be doing as well. So here’s to avoiding websites that are a bunch of two-faced whores, which means I’ll be avoiding most of the internet from now on except for porn sites – at least they’re honest about their skullduggery.

On with it.

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Enact our carbon emissions targets or we’ll invade you.

The signs are there that the wheels are beginning to fall off the great climate change fraud. Fresh from her stint scolding the world at the UN, teenage Swedish socialist sensation Greta, (surely a name straight out of something by the Brothers Grimm), was obediently sailed across the Atlantic to yet another conference on why everyone in the world must stop using electricity in order to live. Everyone apart from those advocating for such a radical move of course.

As the desperation to keep this gravy train rolling reaches a peak, so too does the rhetoric involved.

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Conservatives are the gamma males of the right.

This is a somewhat depressing post from Dalrock, an unwelcome reminder that as far as feminism goes the rot truly has set in very deep indeed. There is an exercise bike brand that has released a commercial where a husband gives one as a gift to his wife who then proceeds to use it to make herself look even better for her husband, thus making both of them happy. Sounds pretty ordinary to me, but in the world of backwards male and female relationships, a wife working to make herself more desirable to her husband is a very bad thing.

First, the commercial in question.

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A reflection on a difficult year.

A week after my now ex-wife walked out on our ten year marriage I was in somewhat of a crisis. This was associated with being marooned in The Netherlands. What to do, what to do. And because of experience I knew very dearly that sudden decisions in times like this were most often a bad idea. The company that I worked for knew of the situation and the owner took me out to discuss the matter. We talked about many things of which I will not go into detail, but one of his pieces of advice I will reveal. It’s not earth shattering on the face of it, rather humdrum in fact.

He simply told me that I would need a full turn of the calendar year to get over what I was going through.

It’s been just over a year since that conversation and so now I feel that I should report on the state of affairs from the ground level.

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Australia begins the persecution of Christians.

It is not a common event in Australia for the individual states and Federal attorneys-general to quickly and easily standardise new laws. The individual states are most recalcitrant in these matters, jealously guarding their own turf like poker players peering out over a set of grimy and over-handled cards. But for some reason the proposed laws to make it a requirement for Catholic priests to break the seal of the confessional if child abusers admit their actions went through without nary a murmur.

The lawmakers tested the lay of the land with the George Pell case, and when that didn’t cause a public uproar they knew that this was the time to strike.

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Podcast #127 – The Rainbow Friday episode.

Liberal arts colleges are going bust because young men are refusing to go. But there is a surprising twist to the story!

Also, an update on the Maserati and my thoughts on Black Friday.

Friday hawt chicks & links – The Thanksgiving edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links wishes our American cousins a happy and gezellig Thanksgiving. Gezellig is one of my favorite Dutch words, although it is a bit of a bugger to pronounce. If you say ‘huh’ for the first two letters then you’re getting close. The word translates to cozy but it has more depth than that. Think about warm and cozy with a fire burning in the hearth, plentiful and good food on the table; family members who are relaxed and not coming home from college with blue hair; in short, as John Wilder says, it’s about serenity.

Thanksgiving is a uniquely North American celebration and as such it has not metamorphosed around the world, unlike Halloween for instance. I have never had the pleasure of celebrating this holiday but perhaps one day I will be so fortunate. It is a holiday which celebrates a nation, which means that the left hates it. Anything that helps a people stay in touch with their ancestors and history is verboten to the progs, because as Solzhenitsyn said, to destroy a people you must first sever their roots.

So keep firmly hold of your roots, good people, and with that let us partake of our Thanksgiving edition of the hawt chicks & links.

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