On homosexuality.

I recently listened to an episode of Matt Forney’s podcast titled, The Cancer That is Killing the Alternative Right. Matt went on a bit of a rant against homosexuality and other sins of the modern age. His anger was directed towards the idea that countenancing these practices will help to corrupt the alt right movement. I am firmly of the opinion that homosexuality will always be amongst human society, whether hidden or open. But my take on homosexuality is that it is a weakness.

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The stitch-up of the Australian Federal Police.


exhibit A and exhibit B in this sorry process.

Step one in how to compromise and subvert a public organization such as the Australian Federal Police – announce a study titled, Cultural Change: Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Australian Federal Police. Step two in the subversion process – appoint a feminist harridan such as former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick. Step three – make sure that the head of the organization is a scheming duplicitous toad like Commissioner Andrew Colvin. Step four – profit.

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Encourage a progressive to breed!

leftie breeders

these two reckon they have a reproductive crisis. No argument there.

I actually wanted to title this post something along the lines of, “Progressives decide to surrender to fate by non-breeding themselves out of existence”, but it took up a bit too much room. Like our future children would! Geddit? Geddit? Ba-dom-chick!

In case you’re wondering what I’m babbling about, those crazy cats over at NPR have a piece titled, Should we be having kids in the age of climate change? My initial reaction is that they should not and thus this idea is a very good thing but more careful analysis casts doubt on this assumption.

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