Bachelor cooking – Roast chicken.

As I discussed on this week’s podcast episode, Sunday on the blog will now be dedicated to cooking for bachelors. This was prompted by Aaron Clarey asking me if I had any easy and quick recipes as he wants to start cooking more at home.

Cooking has been an interest of mine since I was a boy. I love to eat good food, and the best way to guarantee a supply of excellent food is to become a good cook yourself. Cooking is work, but like everything worth doing it becomes easier and more satisfying the more that you do it. I remember back in early 2001 I was spending a period in Australia between rafting seasons in Italy. I invited my father and brother around for lunch. I can’t remember exactly what I cooked but I know that there was a soup and some sort of pork dish. The soup came off well, but the pork was overcooked. Back then I still hadn’t grasped the intricacies and subtleties of cooking meat and fish, nor had I completely escaped from my mother’s habit of always cooking meat for an hour so as to “kill the germs”. Some things stay with you a long time when they are part of your formative years.

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COTW – The joy of meat.

Comment of the week comes from regular contributor Brandon on the Hawt chicks & links thread:

In the wake of Mad Cows Desease scare and under the influence of a testosterone inducing hunt-sabbing vegetarian girl friend (oh the wonders of undoing a hippie girls Doc Martin boots in hurry) I decided to give up meat (I kept fish obviously) no ideology, no lecturers, just stopped. Fast forward 25 years: My wife of 9 years, works her way through a chicken a week. She was delighted two years ago, when I said I was going to eat meat again. If I’d known about Soy I might have moved quicker. I intuitively knew abstaining from red meat might be linked to passivity. I now enjoy a well done steak when I’m not fasting. I can not see the point of eating steak unless it maximises my hegemonic masculinity!

If I was a young man dating, (and I’m thankful that I am not), then a girl being vegetarian would be an automatic negative and worthy of a swipe in whatever direction that keeps your search moving. I wouldn’t care if she was the hawttest chick of all time; if you’re a vegetarian then you have serious issues that you still need to work through, at best. The more likely diagnosis is that you are criminally insane.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The Inspiration edition.

Welcome to the hawt chicks & links thread for yet another week. You may have noticed that yesterday I did not post an article as per my normal schedule. I would like to say that I was indisposed; or perhaps I had been kidnapped by aliens; or even by feminists; or caught in another blizzard.

But the truth is that I simply had nothing in the tank. It was a case of complete loss of inspiration. I tried, oh I tried. But everything I attempted went into the metaphorical bin. Some days you just ain’t got the mustard, and when that happens the last thing that I want to impose on my readers is a mustardless piece.

Thankfully some other people around the world have had the mustard this week. Filling the breach, so to speak. Have I left out any cliches? I think not. So enough already – on with it.

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Communism attempts to reinvent itself as a universal basic income.

The push for a government dispensed form of ‘universal basic income’ seems to be gathering more unwholesome steam by the day. I even had a commenter mandating for it here the other day. As a result I feel compelled to weigh in on the subject and discuss not just its underlying flaws but the giant deceit that cloaks the entire disgusting edifice.

As the above cartoon demonstrates, universal basic income is just another attempt to sell us communism in another name. But in order to demonstrate how it will inevitably morph into yet another version of socialism that “just hasn’t been implemented properly”, we need to examine what the consequences of just such a scheme would be on the ordinary individual and to society at large.

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