The real problem with masculinity.

The Gilette controversy assumes that something is intrinsically wrong with men and that something must be done. The idea that nothing is wrong with men is in fact wrong as any man with half a brain knows simply by observing the men around him, particularly Millennials. Where Gilette gets it wrong is they reverse the fault. A commenter over at Dalrock pointed this out:

“At P&G, we believe that the requisite skills to succeed as leaders in 2018 and beyond include the ability to be empathetic and inclusive. Given the critical role men play in advancing women and in achieving gender equality

This goes along the lines of Dalrock’s law of feminism which is as follows:

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Do your put first your own personal interests or those of your nation?

Theresa May went down to a historic defeat on her Brexit bill last night, the worst suffered by an prime minister in living history. Today she is doing the right thing and stepping down to let a more competent leader for this juncture in British history take the reins and guide Great Britain to its best possible outcome.

Only kidding! Of course she’s not stepping down; since when do female leaders act in the best interests of their nation and not themselves?

It was the biggest Tory rebellion for decades – worse than anything faced by David Cameron, John Major or Margaret Thatcher. The revolt includes more than a third of her entire 317-strong party and was led by ringleaders Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The EU now wants a new referendum which follows its business as usual line of getting a nation to keep voting until they achieve the correct result.

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Gilette and the great replacement.

Back in the good old days, and I mean that sincerely, the mere rumor or suggestion that a man might be a pillow-biter would have been enough to see him at serious risk of losing his job or being publicly ostracized. But we descended into Godlessness and the shirt lifters raised an army of professional bum botherers to advocate to demand change because they just wanted to be treated the same. But they didn’t want to be treated the same; they simply wanted to reverse the onus of social acceptability.

We are arriving at the point where being a traditional man and displaying traditional masculinity will be the same as if you were a bum bandit 60 years ago.

Paris Opera Ballet fires superstar dancer for anti-gay comments.

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Never date a slut.

Tim Newman recently started up a podcast and I wish him the very best of luck with it. While I haven’t listened to it myself as I’m a reader rather than a listener, if it comes close to the quality of his written work then I would hazard a guess that it should become a regular stop for you podcast fans out there.

In his most recent episode he discusses a twitter thread on the subject of judging sluts. I haven’t listened to Tim’s views on the matter but what I want to do is to examine the Twitter thread myself as it is important for men out there to understand the crucial female determiner that it represents.

The twitter thread in question:

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