Don’t be a little bitch.

The title of this post might be a little misleading. Your assumption could be that I am referring to women. I am not – this post is about men. A crucial trait for any modern man is the ability to be self aware. In other words, you need to be able to ruthlessly evaluate your own behavior patterns so as to spot weaknesses and self destructive behavior. We all have them. Most men however, find it too confronting to admit that they have weaknesses in the first place. They bury their heads in the sand rather than expose themselves to any self-examination that risks throwing up uncomfortable truths.

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Does the World Health Organization want to outlaw men?

A post caught my eye this week at the Telegraph – Single men will get the right to start a family under new definition of fertility. To whit the World Health Organization intends to amend the definition of infertility from someone who is unable to conceive after twelve months of sustained trying to someone who is unable to conceive because nobody wants to fuck them.

Tim Newman posted about this and his take was that we are seeing drastic social changes being pushed through by unelected and unaccountable international bodies such as WHO, UNESCO, the UN and others. As Tim states, wars have started over less than this.

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I’d rather fail than suck.

Occasionally I get articles bumped on my feed that have been published on Linkedin. I love Linkedin articles because you can count on them to be irrefutably wrong. They’re quite simply terrible. But even better are the sanctimonious comments that follow them as people virtue signal like crazy in a desperate attempt to agree with whatever nonsense has been uttered in the hope that this will land them a job or allow them to keep the job that they already have.

An hilarious example of this was posted over at the always excellent, (but lately a bit silent), Oilfield expat, when the CEO of Total published an article on Linkedin about his own industry. My personal favorite response in the comments was this one:

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