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Is Jordan Peterson going to fail the stupid test?

The guys over at Patriactionary are trying to work out if Jordan Peterson is just dumb or if he’s a virtue signaling attention whore. I’d like to say that it’s a lot of both, but that would be wrong.

If he had WuFlu but doesn’t think his body will have learned sufficiently how to fight off reinfection, what good would a vaccine do? Unless the point of course is just attention-whoring / virtue-signaling, which is entirely possible…

So what do you think, dear readers? What could possibly be the answer to this perplexing conundrum? I know what I think – Jordan Peterson is getting vaccinated and he’s my hero so I’m gonna rush right out tomorrow and get vaccinated too! If Jordy does it then it must be good for us! Yey! All doubts removed!

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This ain’t your country anymore

Freedom of speech is globohomo for, this ain’t your country anymore.

Separation of church and state is globohomo for, this ain’t your country anymore.

Freedom of religion is globohomo for, this ain’t your country anymore.

Liberty and equality is globohomo for, this ain’t your country anymore.

Democracy is globohomo for, this ain’t your country anymore.

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If you’re an anti-vaxxer then you’re an anti-Semite

Last weekend I read a rather extraordinary article in the Weekend Australian. It was an edited version of another article from the Jewish Quarterly, called Viral Prejudice and the Jews and written by one Simon Schama. A taste of its dubious pleasures:

Likewise, vaccines could be seen as an instrument of alien invasiveness, a mass poisoning purporting to be a salutary proph­yl­actic. It is predictable, then, to find those arch-cosmopolitan people, the Jews, featuring in the suspicions and conspiracy theories that hold the virus itself and vaccination programs as insidious.

Not all anti-vaxxers are anti-Semites, but the latest wave of fanatical populism engendered by a reaction against lockdowns and curfews includes anti-Semitic illiberalism in its repertoire. The demonisation of Jews as, simultan­eously, adepts of esoteric medical knowledge and vectors of disease goes back to the earliest expressions of Judeophobia.

But suspicion of Jewish doctors and the clinical science of their vocation, coupled with a conviction that there are times when scientific knowledge should submit to some larger imperative — political or religious — is not a monopoly of non-Jews.

The article rebounds with sneering contempt for any objections to the prevailing orthodoxy surrounding the Covid virus. Such objections are labeled under crazy people who believe in conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, or simply both.

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The Hoff

No, not him.


Just so you know who our enemies are

Here is an interesting review of a new book on Stalin and the Second World War. The review makes the case that Stalin was about to attack Germany when Hitler beat him to the punch. I have discussed this hypothesis before, (I can’t find the link), and the arguments made in the review serve to only further convince me of the truth of this argument. I began studying Operation Barbarossa when I was around ten years’ old, and one thing that always struck me was how many Russian armies had been caught in the initial couple of months of the campaign. When two huge armies are poised to strike at one another, it’s the one that gets the jump that will win.

But the point of this piece is not to argue the merits or otherwise of this idea. Rather, it is an introduction to a challenge that faces us today. In the 1930s and 40s, the advantage was that the leaders of the various sides were easily identifiable, even if in hindsight it appears that perhaps the Allies underestimated Stalin’s capacity for deception. But today, as the world seems ready to fall into another great cataclysm, just who are we fighting against? Who is on the other side? And who is leading them?

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Beyond Trump

In the past the endless false narratives from those purporting to be on our side used to confuse me. When I say ‘our side’ I mean the side of Christianity and Western civilization. That used to include political entities such as the Republicans in the USA, the Tories in Great Britain and the Liberal Party in Australia, all of which have now been completely converged. Of course, many people will continue to hold onto the vestiges of those entities, mostly because they feel that they have nowhere else to go. But when both sides are essentially playing the same tune, you’re never going to win.

I saw a meme the other day that nicely reflected this reality in plain action.

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The agony of pizza

I have stated in the past that I consider Roosh to be somewhat of an extremist. In his world view, something is great until it’s not anymore, and then it is an evil leading to sin. I first came to this viewpoint when he renounced caffeine. Apparently my single cup of coffee that I enjoy each morning was the worst thing ever simply because Roosh had allowed his own consumption to get wildly out of control.

This projection of his own inadequacies and weaknesses onto the rest of us has somewhat clouded my approach to his recent conversion to Christianity. And now he has written an article which takes this to even further realms of lunacy.

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Dear Western women: you are traitorous dimwits who must be spanked

Over at The Saker, Paul Craig Roberts decries the feminization of European men and their inability to stand up to the gangly hordes of turbaned invaders, much less be able to fight a war with Russia that NATO seems hell bent on provoking. He bases his piece on the two year old rant by Danish journalist Iben Thranholm where she identified men as being the problem because they aren’t men anymore. Even though he is a little late to the party, Roberts then also dutifully piles onto those pussified European men so as to not be out of step with the ladies.

Iben Thranholm says Western men have been deprived of strength and confidence by feminism.  All over Europe, white women of European ethnicity, French, German, Danish, Swedish are raped openly in public by the privileged people of color welcomed in by scum like Merkel, the corrupt French governments, the bought-and-paid-for Italians, the dumbshit British, and the white men just look away and walk on by. Not only has feminism deprived men of any sense of obligation to their women, they are scared to death of being arrested for offending a person of color by interfering with his rape of a white woman.  Indeed, in Scandanavia women are not only afraid to leave their homes, they are afraid to report their rape, because the police might charge them with a hate crime for claiming rape by a protected person of color. In Sweden the protection of Swedish women is so nonexistent that it is becoming a right for a person of color to rape a Swedish woman.  The treasonous governments, treasonous against their ethnic populations, will not confront the mistake they made by overwhelming their nations with immigrant-invaders whom they refuse to hold accountable. Therefore, they blame the raped white women.  And the Swedes are such sheep that they reelect governments that favor immigrant invaders over ethnic Swedes.

Well, allow me to retort.

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This has been going on for a while

John Wilder, he of the irreverent memes, has written a piece about the culture wars. His examples include Hollywood, bikini graphs and the boy scouts. The scouts have been dead for a very long time; in Australia the organisation began letting in girls in 1971. This is one of the contributing factors to why I got kicked out of the Cubs which was the feeder league for the scouts. I was trying to tie my scarf and some of the other cubs kept standing on my woggle, so I told them all to fuck off in a rather loud voice. At least, a loud voice for a 9 year old. Anyway, I got kicked out, which was probably my last chance to get molested.

The reason that admitting girls was a contributing factor in my eviction is because you always blame everything on the wymens. Simples.

Anyhoo, Mr Wilder included a few pretty pictures in his article, as is his wont, and one in particular caught my attention. See if it catches your attention too …

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Against Individualism

Kevin McCall weighs in on a discussion surrounding freedom. The broader theme seems interesting, as outlined in this quote:

There are two big ways to think about freedom: negative freedom and positive freedom.  Francis Berger has referred to these as “freedom from” and “freedom for,” respectively in several posts, such as this one.  These terms are useful because they clearly express the nature of each of these freedoms.  Freedom from is an absence of restrictions.  This is the most obvious type of freedom.  Indeed, most discussions of freedom only consider freedom from, particularly from a political point of view.  On the other hand, freedom for is more subtle.  Freedom for is internal; it is acting from within, from what Bruce Charlton has called the “true self.”

Freedom from, is an encapsulation of the godless, ‘do as thou wilt’, or in 1960s hippy terms, ‘whatever makes you feel good, man.’ It is superficial individualism contained within the System. But freedom for, is also very much an individualistic approach, as encapsulated in Charlton’s pieces on the theme of the true self.

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