Why you need something going on.

Rollo has a really interesting post this week on the topic of men surrendering themselves to women.

Nothing leaves a man more vulnerable in life, love, family, career, finances and really power over the direction of his life than to invest himself in a woman.

This is something that I have spoken about several times and it is of crucial importance to the modern man. You can stuff up just about any aspect of your life and still be able to pull through okay, but if you are a fool with women then you are leaving yourself in a hopelessly compromised position.

But it was another aspect of Rollo’s post that really made me sit up and take notice.

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First from Europe – The Friday links & hawt chicks thread.

Good morning fellow Delcons, morons, insufferables, and hawt chicks everywhere, and welcome to the first links thread from Europe. Normally at this point of the Friday post I would have unloaded after spending the entire week working myself up into great indignation at some event or other. But not today. I am curiously calm, my mind clear. How about that? Must be disappointing for you all. Like reaching down for your Santa sack on Christmas morning and discovering that your miserable parents had got you the cheap-ass pretend Lego instead of the real thing, and right at that moment you knew what deprivation was really about.

Actually, the Lego I didn’t really care about. As long as they had got me the latest and greatest Airfix army men kits, with an emphasis on cool issues like German mountain infantry, then I was cool. Seriously, whoever it was that purchased my childhood home would no doubt still be digging up lost army men in the back garden. But then I graduated to D&D and Airfix almost went into bankruptcy as a result. Hence the Hawking photo. Magic users sucked, mostly because they were called magic users. My preference was to play a thief. Chaotic neutral of course, the alignment that basically let you do whatever the fuck you wanted.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the links and stuff. Letsa see-a whata we havea gotta.

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Australia is still my country.

I am now somewhere in Europe after surviving the always hideous flight all the way from Australia. If you’ve never done two flights back to back that total twenty-four hours in flight time then you don’t know what you’re missing and you probably should never try and find out. I went via Singapore because I refuse to give Arabs any of my money ever again if I can help it. I find it vaguely amusing that so many Mancunians were outraged at the Muslim atrocity at a concert in their city but then they’ll willingly totter off to watch Manchester City play its next match even though the club is almost entirely owned by the deputy prime minister of the UAE.

But I digress.

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The boiling frog.

You’ve probably heard the one about how you can’t put a frog in hot water, or even tepid water because it immediately recognises the danger, but if you put a frog in cold water and slowly bring it up to the boil then it will boil to death quite happily as it is used to the danger and doesn’t recognise it.

Australians for the most part are the frog in the rapidly boiling pot of water. The boiling water is mass immigration from unsuitable and even hostile cultures, people who have little to no intention of integrating into Australian culture.

Here’s a cool image that I got from Maggie’s Farm.

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