It’s now been five weeks since ‘Pushing Rubber Downhill’ (hereafter known as PRD), has been published. It’s sold a few hundred copies on the back of internet goodwill from the twoplustwo poker forums, friends, family, some more friends, and some more good will from the magnificent internets.

The beauty of using createspace to publish your work is that you have full artistic freedom. The rear cover blurb, the cover itself, the day it released, all these things were entirely in my own control. But the other thing in my control is the marketing and publicity. This thing ain’t gonna sell all on its own. But that’s okay; there’s nothing worse than a mediocre marketing department that doesn’t understand the product they’re supposed to be promoting. This thing will fly or fall based on the work that I do to get it out there. For that reason from this week I’ve moved to a three day working week at my proper job until the end of the year, with the rest of the time being dedicated to working on promoting the book as well as getting the second one written, (yes, you heard it first here – a new book is in the wings, more on that later).

So far I’ve made a couple of strategic decisions based on the target audience. The paddling fraternity is an obvious audience and I have a lot of promotional material lined up to build awareness in that area. The other target audience that I’ve identified is located in the manosphere, a euphemism for a loose collection of blogs and websites that concentrate on pertinent issues for young men. While I do not think that my audience as a writer is limited to these two markets, they are certainly at the forefront of where I need to be concentrating to raise the book’s online profile.

I will update this blog with news on how all this is progressing on a regular basis. I also intend to use this blog to experiment with new ideas and to write about topics that interest me. I hope you all enjoy it as much as you’ve enjoyed my writing thus far.