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Month: November 2015

Are you a sheep or a master of your own destiny?

I train people who work and live on offshore oil and gas facilities. The safety standards are very high, and I would go so far as to say that offshore oil and gas and commercial aviation together have the highest safety standards in the world.

And yet, while training people to escape from a capsized helicopter underwater, or a smoke filled installation with no visibility, or from a gigantic fireball, I have over the years noticed certain behaviours common to 95% of the workforce. And I have at the same time identified the mindset of the other 5%. And I can say with no hesitation that in the event of a major accident event I expect the majority of the 95% to struggle at best.

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Travel sans Camera.

There will be no photos on this post. Just words, crawling across your screen. The words come to me as I type; they come from somewhere in my mind. I cannot see them, but they just are.

Likewise, when I remember the places I have been I can visualize a scene. I do not have to close my eyes. I can picture it. I can feel it. Standing by the White Nile at Bujagali Falls, the water thundering past my rattan seat, a Nile Special beer in my hand; the cook and his assistant clattering in the back; a small party of European backpackers stretched out on some lounges; the air is muggy but the sky is clear; I wonder what the day will bring.

It is all there. Because I saw it and I lived it. And the key to seeing is to experience what is around you. And you cannot do that with your face stuck to a camera.

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Your ‘man-cave’ is unseemly.

Apparently a woman, (so she says), over at some rag called the goldengatexpress, [guaranteed to be a conservative think tank -Editor], has decided that man caves are  bad and dumb and the patriarchy! This has  apparently been caused by her boyfriend moving out because he wants nothing more to do with her some space.

I became aware of this ‘article’ when someone I know contacted me asking if I had modeled for the attached illustration.

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Interview by the Dirt Bags.

The guys over at Dirt Bag Paddler magazine have an interview up that they did with me last week.


You can read it here.

Big thanks to Mike for organizing it and for all his support.

There are no Islamic terror attacks in Japan

In light of the Paris terror attacks the vast majority of my friends and associates are changing their Facebook profile pictures to hold the French flag. Because of solidarity. Or something like that.

The majority of people can be pretty dumb at times.

When I was living in Italy back in 2002 I think it was, the craze to place rainbow colored flags outside your home, perhaps hanging from the balcony, swept the nation. It was supposed to represent peace, in light of the Iraq war which was blundering on at the time. I did not place a flag outside my home. I merely observed that once again the vast majority of people tend to be dumb at times.

Right about now you may be feeling slightly uncomfortable. And that is the point. Feelings. Placing a flag outside your home or on your Facebook page makes you feel good. Maybe it’s a hashtag, something like, #westandwithFrance, or #giveusbackourgirls, or that Charlie Hedbo one. Once again, these make people feel good about themselves. “I stand with them! I show solidarity! I’m a good person!”

Well, whoop-de-fucking-do.

You’ve done nothing. And your pitiful feel-goods will not prevent another terrorist attack. If anything, it will entice another one. For they feed on the attention. It is their manna from heaven. Did it work any of the other times? Nope.

There are no Islamic terror attacks in Japan. If I asked you to consider what you think the chances of such an attack occurring, you would most probably say very slim indeed.

Why is that?

Go on, have a think.

Putting a flag on your Facebook page is nothing. It is a cop-out so you feel good about yourself. What you should be doing is asking the hard questions. Why is this happening now? What are the causes? How do we intend to stop this from happening again?

The answers to these questions are very uncomfortable. They are unpalatable in our modern day Western ideology where political correctness runs rampant. Since they are uncomfortable it is much easier to put out a flag. You are saying something, but really saying nothing at all. So you are safe. From uncomfortable truths. For the moment.

I stand to lose something by writing this post. It is connected to my real name. The people who read my book and my future works may turn against me. But I cannot in all consciousness say nothing. I must draw a line in the sand and state my position for all to see. The fact that I have hesitated to write this is indicative of where we are now as a culture. Free speech is not under threat any more. It is under attack.

The good Germans kept their heads down. As did the good Japanese, and the good Russians, and the good Chinese. The list goes on. “But it is only a minority of muslim extremists who commit these acts!”

It was a minority in all those other historical cases as well. And things went pretty badly. Don’t think that it can’t happen here. It is happening. It has been happening for quite some time.

Paris was not killed by complacency. Paris shot itself in the head.

Ask, and you shall receive …

So on yesterday’s post I stuck the boot into Shantaram while pontificating that surely my first one star review was not far away …

“… Anyway, I’m still waiting for my first one star review. I know it will come in time; you can’t please everyone in this world and if you aim to do so you end up writing drivel. Hopefully they’ll be as eloquent as some of the reviewers taking apart this poor book …”

And then this morning I log onto Amazon and would you believe it, my first 1 star review!

“… Meh. A poorly written road story about a self absorbed person with a Peter Pan complex. Chase a woman across Australia and his life turns to crap when she leaves him. Turns life around when he cons/lies his way into a job as a river guide. Rinse and repeat with a trip to Canada. He seems to show no regard for the lives of his customers since he is constantly finding himself over his head in experience and learning on the fly. Every time he comes close to making good on his experience, he shows his immaturity and throws it away. Essentially a collection of three stories that all devolve into young dude party stories. A waste of your time reading it. The only good is it is such fluff that it is a quick read. Thankfully …”

Damn. I don’t think he liked it.

A reader’s feedback.

I was speaking to someone a few days ago who had just finished reading my book. I asked him to sum up his opinion of the book in a single sentence. I don’t know why I asked him that, but presumably because the conversation was headed in that direction. It made sense at the time. Anyway, this is what he came up with:

“… Like Shantaram but well written …”

Now I’m familiar with this book but I have never read it. I tried once, some years ago, but I think I gave up after about 50 pages. So in the interests of research I looked it up on Amazon. Let’s put it to the first sentence test:

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