So on yesterday’s post I stuck the boot into Shantaram while pontificating that surely my first one star review was not far away …

“… Anyway, I’m still waiting for my first one star review. I know it will come in time; you can’t please everyone in this world and if you aim to do so you end up writing drivel. Hopefully they’ll be as eloquent as some of the reviewers taking apart this poor book …”

And then this morning I log onto Amazon and would you believe it, my first 1 star review!

“… Meh. A poorly written road story about a self absorbed person with a Peter Pan complex. Chase a woman across Australia and his life turns to crap when she leaves him. Turns life around when he cons/lies his way into a job as a river guide. Rinse and repeat with a trip to Canada. He seems to show no regard for the lives of his customers since he is constantly finding himself over his head in experience and learning on the fly. Every time he comes close to making good on his experience, he shows his immaturity and throws it away. Essentially a collection of three stories that all devolve into young dude party stories. A waste of your time reading it. The only good is it is such fluff that it is a quick read. Thankfully …”

Damn. I don’t think he liked it.