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Your ‘man-cave’ is unseemly.

Apparently a woman, (so she says), over at some rag called the goldengatexpress, [guaranteed to be a conservative think tank -Editor], has decided that man caves are  bad and dumb and the patriarchy! This has  apparently been caused by her boyfriend moving out because he wants nothing more to do with her some space.

I became aware of this ‘article’ when someone I know contacted me asking if I had modeled for the attached illustration.


I felt that this was a little unfair as I never have had a sock stuck to my chair as far as I know, (if that is a sock …)

Now it has been suggested that this piece is a parody, but apparently it’s the real deal. Thus I can only presume that the Onion needs to shut up shop as its business has finally jumped the shark. My favorite bit to quote you:

“… the term man cave feels more like a space where someone goes to hide from their problems while surrounding themselves with things that make them “happy.”…”

It’s a sure bet that if we use a man cave to surround ourselves with things that make us happy then this girl wouldn’t be invited in. But I digress. Looking around my own man-cave office I notice things that give it a slightly sophisticated air:

A bookshelf with around 800 books.

My Bang & Olufsen late 70’s turntable and vinyl collection.

3 guitars.

A cigar humidor packed with Cuban beauties.

A desktop computer with the power to light a small city.

My motorcycle helmet.

My chess set and backgammon board.

My snowboard.

Poker chips and a set of Louis Vuitton playing cards.

It is a room worthy of being a cave. It also has a nice view onto a pleasant garden and a couple of comfortable arm chairs where guests can sit and peruse the world with me. Have you got a man cave? If not, why the hell not? And what’s in it?

The best response in the comments to patriarchy man-cave girl:



Interview by the Dirt Bags.


Travel sans Camera.


  1. Sjonnar

    My mancave is my whole apartment. As it should be.

    (By the way, this is my new email.Fuck yahoo and their “turn off your adblocker if you want to read your email” bullshit.)

  2. Adam

    Will the real Sjonnar please step up.

    • Sjonnar

      Heh. This one. I entered the new one before I wrote my comment, then accidentally hit the back button on my mouse with my thumb. When I reloaded the page it reverted to my old email for some reason.

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