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Chris Gayle almost blows it.

For those of you who don’t live in Australia and don’t follow the lovely game of cricket, you’re probably not aware that a West Indian player by the name of Chris Gayle is all over the news in this country for the heinous crime of flirting with a TV reporter. That’s right, it is now against the law to flirt. 


For this he has been fined $10,000 and a media storm has erupted. So far Chris Gayle has made only two mistakes. Firstly, his on-air banter with the reporter, (and I use that term loosely as I doubt she knows very much about cricket – let’s face it, she’s not there for her in-depth knowledge), his on-air banter was quite clumsy. I give him a 4 out of 10 on the old flirty scale. Needs to try harder is what should be written on his report card. His second mistake was a “half apology” at a press conference. A half-apology is almost as bad as an actual apology. Do not apologise, ever. It will not only get you nowhere, it will take you to a dark and foreboding place where the salivating media bays for your blood. Which is what they’re attempting to do to Chris Gayle. I’m surprised they haven’t offered the reporter “counseling” yet as this is the usual next step in the great propaganda machine of sacrificial offerings to the SJW crowd.

Mind you, seeing that Gayle is black and thus technically a minority, I’m surprised there wasn’t some hesitation in releasing the hounds. But obviously straight men exhibiting any form of public risque behavior with a female need to be crucified as soon as possible. Gayle has retained a lawyer and is now suing an Australian newspaper for compounding the issue by saying that he is a very naughty boy who apparently exposed himself to a female at some time or another. The horror.

The most amusing thing to come out of this “event” is the reaction from cricket officialdom.

Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland says that “… It is a workplace situation. It is inappropriate and it is very public. That just goes to the point about how inappropriate and just not cool that is …” Mind you, Sutherland deciding what is or is not cool goes a fair way towards making the term redundant.

In The Australian newspaper, (which is behind a pay-wall,) “… The comments have further upset Cricket Australia. Cricket Victoria, which owns the Renegades, has launched an inquiry.

“Cricket Victoria is committed to demonstrating that our sport respects girls and women and we’re working incredibly hard to ensure that is the case,” chief executive Tony Dodemaide said …”

Of course, employing a boundary-rider based on her hotness is totally consistent with this policy. As far as launching an inquiry goes, I’m assuming this is a tax-payer funded organisation if they have money to waste on that rubbish.

And to finish, just remember the 8 stages of an SJW attack as defined by Vox Day in his wonderful book, “SJWs Always Lie”:

1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative. Trivial violations are sufficient when a target has some public or organizational influence.

2. Point and Shriek. “The next step is to summon other SJWs by pointing at the target and shrieking about how terrible, outrageous, and completely unacceptable he is.”

3. Isolate and Swarm. The target is isolated from his allies while SJW’s recruit more foot soldiers in the attack.

4. Reject and Transform. An apology is elicited from the target, which only makes matters worse. “[The apology] is promptly rejected because it is not the action, but the actor, that is the real target.”

5. Press for Surrender. They begin going for the kill: getting the person fired from a job or ejection from an organization.

6. Appeal to Amenable Authority. The company or organization is heavily petitioned to punish the target.

7. Show Trial. The target is accused of every wrong imaginable, almost always falsely, and the media becomes an ally in publishing those lies, fed to them directly by the SJWs involved.

8. Victory Parade. “[SJWs] repeatedly display the corpse in a ritual manner, to demoralize anyone else who might otherwise be inclined to challenge their Narrative.” If the target has a Wikipedia page, it will be promptly updated with their latest thoughtcrimes.

In three days Gayle has found himself at step number seven. Things move fast when the SJW crowd have you in their sights.

Never. Ever. Apologise.


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  1. Rob

    Well said Adam. I cringed when I saw him on TV at the airport with those swill ready to pounce. I shouted at the TV “Don’t Say It, Don’t Say It !!”. But he (half) did.
    What a shame. I was hoping he had the balls to at least Agree and Amplify. Or laugh in their faces and say what you said “is it against the law to flirt?”. As has been said on many blogs in the past – F*ck this Gay World.
    We are surrounded by the eternal victim do-gooder, and the media patsies. It’s time to escape – but where? Cheers, Rob.

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