Eight years ago I wrote a new thread on the 2+2 poker forums. It was in the El Diablo forum and I was nervous about putting it up. El D has high standards and you have to get special posting privileges to be able to post new threads. I wasn’t sure if this was going to bomb or be well received. But I wrote it up and this is how it went down:

“… A number of participants in this forum seem to fall into that slightly tricky age-group just after leaving school. Where you want to make changes but aren’t sure how. Where you want to make changes but don’t know what to change. I thought that maybe a few of us slightly older posters could share our own experiences with the younger set. Maybe they can learn from our mistakes, or see how easy it can be to effect change. It can be difficult when you aren’t sure and you receive conflicting advice as well as pressure to conform to the social norms. So here is how I changed my life …”

The final paragraph of that first post went like this:

“… So what do you do in this situation? The simple stuff. You find a place to live. You find a job. You make some friends. Ultimately change is about taking the steps. You always have two decisions available to you. Yes and no. Shall I do this? Yes or no. The girl was the catalyst that got me out of my comfort zone. Since then I’ve never looked back. It wasn’t easy. It was tough. But you try not to worry and keep your attention focused on what is in front of you. The decisions that need a yes or a no.”

I had expected that other older posters would chime in with their experiences. To my surprise everyone wanted to hear part two of my story, and things rapidly snowballed. For weeks all I was focused on was the thread. I would get up in the morning and read the replies from the night before, and then I would type up the next installment as quickly as I could before heading off for work. Sometimes I was a few days late and there would be frustrated messages from people wondering where the next installment was.

And from this came the book, which if you’re here you probably know about, and if you don’t, well it’s linked on the side bar and up the top so please feel free to purchase it.

But here is the ironic thing. Since I was a boy my dream was to be a published writer with people buying my books. And because of that thread on 2+2, I have achieved that dream. So while I wrote the thread to help other people change their lives, in reality, it ended up changing mine.

I think that’s pretty darn cool.