A change in my routine.

So today is day one of my new routine.

This being because I have, let me say, maneuvered my way out of the job that I have held for the past four years. Yesterday was Australia Day, which meant copious amounts of food and booze, but today is day one without a job.

Scratch that. Today is day one of my new job.

My new job is only going to be temporary, but it involves my writing. Here is my new work routine that I’m going to run from Monday to Friday:

Get up, coffee up, pursue the internet for an hour, (this is actually the same as what I’ve been doing for many years now.)

Work out for 40 minutes, shower and breakfast. Work on book number two until lunch.

Have lunch, (something freshly cooked), read a book made out of paper while eating.

Work on third book which I’m writing concurrently with the other one.

Write a blog post for my blog, (doing that now!)

Do some online networking for my published book.

Go for a walk. On Tuesdays and Thursdays go to cricket training.

So that’s my new daily work routine. It may last 2 weeks, it may last 2 months, I don’t know. The figures for the first day are quite good though:

2nd book: 1900 words.

3rd book: 750 words.

Tomorrow I will reread what I’ve written today and probably chuck half of it, but that will still be a good result.

Progress is measured in small but constant steps. It’s amazing how it can start to add up. Here’s hoping to some good progress and another couple of books out later this year.

2 thoughts on “A change in my routine.

  1. Sjonnar

    This sounds suspiciously like “I got good and lit, and subsequently, fired.”
    How’d that happen? Accidentally speak truth to some SJW pussy while you were too drunk to pull your punches?


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