Somebody the other day asked me if I believe in spiritualism. I suppose it’s because I worked for that meditation guru all those years ago that I get asked this stuff. So for the record I want to put this one out there.

I don’t believe in spiritualism, I don’t even know what the hell it means.

Here’s the thing; you can believe in as much crap as you want. You can believe that homeopathy is real medicine, and that crystals will heal your energy chakra, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But what only counts is where you are in the scheme of life. And one thing that I’ve noticed over the years is that the more someone believes in this sort of stuff, the less successful they are in the game of life.

Your personal success in is inverse proportion to how much kooky stuff you believe in.

The reason for this is because believing in new age mumbo-jumbo is a cop-out. It’s a great way of convincing yourself that you’re on the “right path”. People who follow this stuff are always, and I mean perpetually on the verge of an “enormous breakthrough”. I personally know people who’ve been on this breakthrough precipice for over thirty years. Thirty fucking years. That’s thirty years broke, lonely, and without success. And needless to say, they ain’t getting any closer. The reason is because they’re focusing on the wrong thing. Their energy is directed towards achieving success through some sort of new-age fantasy trip.

Real success comes over a long time, and after a great deal of hard work. Slow progress from day to day, with your energy directed into what you want to achieve. It means eating right, exercising well, sleeping well, and exercising moderation in all that you do. It’s about obtaining wisdom.

Out of all the foreigners that I knew in Italy, there was only one other person apart from me who fluently spoke Italian. Everyone else either didn’t try or gave up when it became a little challenging. I learned Italian by putting in some effort every single day, and it still took me over two years. But now, guess what? I speak Italian, and it’s cool. For me it’s a great personal achievement.

Do you think you can learn to speak Italian from spiritualism? No? Then why on earth do you think it will help you achieve in any other area of your life?

If you want successful relationships then you’ll need to work on making yourself an attractive and interesting person and become good at saying no to people who aren’t a good fit.

If you want to lose weight and be healthy then you’ll need to eat less, eat better and exercise.

If you want to have a lot of money then you’ll need to earn more than you spend.

Those were the big three ticket items that people came to my old meditation boss for help with all those years ago. Money, health, and a great relationship. They’ll be the same big three today. And you are not, I repeat you are not going to find success in those areas of your life by rubbing a crystal over your body and saying ‘om’ or writing down what you want over and over on a piece of paper.

Can you imagine if doing that rubbish really resulted in success? The world would be pretty darn weird I can tell you, at least a lot weirder than it already is. But I’ve saved the best thing until last:

The fact that you can achieve success by personal effort means that your power is in your hands. That’s a great thing to understand. You don’t have to rely on some new-age crap; you only have to rely on yourself. I’ll take that any day.