I hope that your end of year celebrations went well. The good lady wife, (TGLW), and I decided to forgo all large organised events with groups of friends. Instead we took ourselves down to our local watering hole, ‘The Smith’, where we had a fine time seated at the bar nicely looked after by the staff that we know well. However, yours truly made the dreadful rookie mistake of consuming all three alcohol groups in the one sitting – beer, wine, and spirits, and I paid the price for it somewhat the following day.

And on to the new year. TGLW and I came home from holiday last week, well rested and refreshed, and with clear minds. Having a clear mind is one of the major boons from a decent holiday, and it was our first real time away in three years. The past three years have been spent on a wide range of projects, which included moving to Melbourne and establishing ourselves here, as well as finishing the book and getting it out there. We have been running around like a pair of crazies for three years, operating with an absence of clear minds. So we have made some decisions with our rediscovered clarity.

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