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Roosh V trolls Australia.

He hasn’t just trolled Australia, he’s trolled the entire Western World.

Roosh is a writer, blogger, and neomasculinist based in the USA. He has a blog and a website where I incidentally wrote an article last November, as his target audience are a great fit for my memoir.

Roosh believes in the old adage that any publicity is good publicity, and this week he proved that. Originally intended as a simple meet-up for his readers at different cities around the world where they’d have a drink and a chat, this was distorted by feminist opponents and the media as a meeting to legalise rape of all things.

The impetus for this ridiculous claim comes from a satirical article Roosh published a year ago called, ironically enough, How to Stop Rape. But since satire is hard to do and the feminist movement seems to be characterized by people with Aspergers, this was taken literally, (with undoubtedly malicious intent), and advertized as “pro-rape”.

But the biggest failure wasn’t restricted to the mainstream media for taking these claims at face value. The Federal minister for immigration was sucked into the Roosh vortex as well as the defense leader for border patrol as Roosh literally trolled the shit out of them on twitter. That the federal minister took the time to actually call a meeting to discuss how to prevent Roosh entering the country based on a picture he tweeted of an airline itinerary which is freely available to anyone on the internet does not install much confidence that the people in charge know how to run the country.

The Ezra Levant show in Canada did a 30 minute piece on the topic with all of the tweets included mocking Australia for falling for Roosh’s epic trolling.

Ezra brings up some great points. So on the basis of a false claim that is incredibly easy to disprove, the Federal minister for immigration wants to ban someone entering the country. It’s group-think taken to a new level of retardedness. Not only that, but a planned meet-up of men which was simply to meet like-minded folks, have a beer, and talk about men’s issues was stigmatized and disrupted by the hard left to the point where it had to be cancelled.

Whether you agree with Roosh or not this episode has exposed some uncomfortable facts.

Fact 1. Freedom of association seems to be rather vulnerable, not only in Australia but the entire Western World.

Fact 2. The mainstream media will openly lie and disseminate false information to either fit their agenda, get more business, or both.

Fact 3. The Federal government is easily manipulated by the hard left, which is particularly incredible seeing as Australia has a supposedly conservative government.

Fact 4. Roosh scores a natural 10 for trolling.

In conclusion, in Europe at this very moment there is a rape epidemic. As I wrote yesterday, on this topic the feminists are completely silent. But write a satirical article on rape? You better watch out, bro. Those feminists, with the support of the media and politicians the world over, they’ll get ya.


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  1. MC

    No one with Asperger’s would be able to ignore clear and obvious facts the way the feminists do.

    I have Asperger’s.

    And their glaring demand to bend the facts of existence to the service of their feeeeeelings is a sizable percentage of what soured me, as a woman, on feminism.

  2. Adam

    I gotta pick a new condition to make fun of then. Any ideas? How about rickets?

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