The cognitive dissonance in the media and general public to the assaults on German women in the city of Cologne on new year’s has been truly incredible to behold. Writing in The Spectator this week, Jeremy Sammut in his piece, ‘After Cologne’ writes:

“… I used to think supporters of open borders were lucky the experiment had never been tried as the results would thoroughly discredit the principle. But after Cologne, I’m not so sure. Rational analysis of events that ought to mark a turning point in the tide of progressive opinion hasn’t appeared to put much of a dint in the multicultural ideology. Ironically, it seems that the more highly educated western societies have become, the more rigid has become the commitment to an ideology that appears to be impervious to reason and challenge based on facts, logic, and evidence …”

The problem with social justice warriors is that they always double down. To do otherwise would be to admit a mistake, and admitting such a mistake would mean that they would have to, in this case, literally admit that their post-modern values are just a construction. In other words, their ideas have no basis in the harsh light of brutal reality:

Hot tip to Rollo for that link.

In that video both the interviewer and the woman being interviewed wonder where they will find the European men to protect them from such occurrences. With the feminization of European men over the past 60 years the same feminists who drove this change now wail at the reality that there is nobody there to protect them.

Which brings me to the title of this post. When I first heard about the attacks in Cologne I wondered to myself how the Middle Eastern men in question could have been so stupid. It’s one thing to commit a crime here or there but to purposely gather together a large mob in a public space on a public night with the express intention of committing awful crimes against their host country, surely they would have had to realise that this could only result in a gigantic push-back against their cause. I figured that this had to be the biggest ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ moment of all time.

I was wrong.

I was wrong because I misunderstood their motives. I was also wrong because I misunderstood the reaction of the Western elites. The thugs who perpetrated this outrage were fully cognizant of how the Western elites and SJWs would react. Jeremy Sammut in his quote above was also obviously wrong on this.

But it’s their motive which is more interesting and alarming in equal measures. While ostensibly an attack on women, the real purpose of the attack was to demonstrate to European men that they are powerless to defend their own women. The illegal immigrants were in effect boasting of their power of the host male population. The message was clear – ‘You can’t even defend your own women. How do you think that you’re going to defeat us?’

This is interesting because it shows a high level of sophistication in the attackers thinking. It is alarming because they’re probably right.

With not one major feminist figure in the Western World having come out to attack the proponents of this outrage, it will be interesting to see if they equate claiming that this is an attack on men with misogyny. To do so would mean that they would have to acknowledge what occurred in Cologne on new year’s eve.