Even a man who is strong, wise, and mature can be beset by circumstances that cause him great doubt or moral quandary. In fact, a virtue of wisdom is the ability to continually examine one’s own actions. It is only the foolish and weak who are constantly sure of their own actions. Beware not what you don’t know, but rather that which you are sure to be true.

Still, it can be useful to have a guide, and today there is just such a man. Whether you agree with Trump or not is unimportant. What is indisputable is his masterly control of both the mainstream media and the establishment. Trump is the Obi-Wan Kenobi to their Darth Vader – their attacks only make him stronger.

In this way he can serve as an inspiration to the rest of us who battle with the same dark forces. If you find yourself in a time of doubt, whether at your workplace, at your home, with a group of peers, or at your sports club, wherever it is, just ask yourself one question:

What would Trump do?

What would he do if he was in your position now?

And then do it. You will be amazed.