Last week’s worldwide media falsification of the Return of Kings international meet-up event as a “learn how to rape” meeting and the media’s false portrayal of Roosh V as a man who wants to “legalize rape” is now over. The media hounds have moved onto new targets, and the man they falsely accused will be forever tarred with that false brush. Even though over a hundred articles were written worldwide on the subject, there has been a correspondingly pitiful coverage of Roosh’s press conference where he attempted to explain his actions and out the media for its duplicity.

The most interesting thing I took from that video was the fact that not a single journalist in the room had read Roosh’s original satirical article which was deliberately misinterpreted to slander him. Those same journalists wrote pieces in the days before where they attacked Roosh as being pro rape. To whit, they copied and pasted without checking their facts because facts were never what this was about.

There has been much discussion on the internet as to the devious tactics that the media used in getting their false message so wildly disseminated. Roosh himself in that video takes them to task for their lack of standards and acceptable behavior. But I don’t really agree with this line. Complaining about the media’s actions is like complaining that soldiers are using their guns to kill people. In both cases these workers are simply doing what they have been trained to do. Soldiers are trained to kill people with guns while journalists are trained to get as many clicks as possible, irrespective of their methods or morality.

Blaming the media removes both responsibility and personal power from the person on the street who read and believed the words as they were written. Our objective should not be to berate the media, but to berate the public for believing such obvious falsehoods. If you believed the false narrative then you were taken for a fool. I have now pointed this out to you.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

It is each individual’s personal responsibility to educate and teach themselves how to recognize propaganda and how to do their own research to uncover the truth. The media are not interested in uncovering truth. If you wish to remain a sheep and swallow the lies that are told then that is your choice. A frog will feel very comfortable indeed as the water rises which will finally boil it to death.

Better to be someone who is a master of their own destiny. Take responsibility for being deceived and don’t let it happen again. This is not a question of whether you agree with what Roosh stands for. This is about having the foresight to think and act for yourself without being manipulated by those with their hands on the controls of power.

Words are powerful. Check them out before you accept them as gospel. As Reagan once said, make sure you’ve got all the facts before you make up your mind.