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How HarperVoyager is eating a plate of dicks, right now.

Before this morning I had never heard of Nick Cole. Now I’ve purchased his latest book. It sounds like an interesting book, sci-fi stuff with machines fighting the world. But that’s not the reason I picked it up. The reason is because his publisher, the miserable HarperVoyager refused to publish it because it offended their delicate sensibilities. They justified this reasoning by saying that Nick would lose 50% of his readership. In Nick’s words:

“… They demanded it be deleted without discussion. They felt it was for… the “greater good.” That is censorship, and a violation of everyone’s right to free speech. They demanded it be so or else… I wouldn’t be published. That’s how they threatened a writer with a signed contract.

I refused.
I am a writer.
No. One. Will Ever. Bully. Me.

I am a writer …”

Here is the link to all the juicy happenings.

His book is tearing up the kindle sales charts. I hope his publishers are right now purchasing extra-large brown underwear. This is why Amazon is such a big deal. In the past he would have been defeated. He would have had to play ball with the gatekeepers. Writers don’t have to play ball any more. I think this event is really important. Buy his book. You know why.


Children of the corn, motherfuckers!


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  1. M.

    I just finished “Ctrl Alt Revolt!” less than 24 after hearing about him and his books. And I enjoyed it so much I already bought almost all his other books on Amazon.

    • Adam

      Damn, I need to get a back catalog. Must write more.

      No, it’s great what’s happening with him. I think it might be a big wake up call for publishers. But probably not because they’re stupid.

  2. tomas grace

    thanks for the link, i didn’t know about this guy. Good on the author – they don’t need publishers.
    Andy Weir and the dude who wrote “Wool” come to mind.

    • Adam

      I haven’t heard of those two, I’ll have to check them out.

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