Here at pushingrubberdownhill, (PRD for the cool kids in town), we’ve been doing Friday links for about 73 years now. In fact, all other sites that do Friday links have copied us and we shall presently commence legal action against the rest of the world.

Meryl Streep defends all white film fest jury.

Wait, did she call me an African? WTF?

The Left took over academia and the public schools, and tutored two generations of American youth in an anti-Christian worldview.

Modern journalists are merely bloggers.

New Top Gear line-up announced.

Let’s see … black guy? Check. Female? Check. Immigrant? Check. Matt Le Blanc …? Can’t see this going too well for them. How many seasons, folks?

The EPA wants to ban hobby race cars.

First they came for the bogans …

Man threatened with 250K fine for criticising journalist.

Tomb of the unknown facebook blogger.

The truth about modern art.

The emperor has no paintbrush.

Gold doing well.

Remember kiddies, gold is insurance, it’s not an investment.