Last year I mocked a New York Times piece on their idea of the 27 traits to be a modern man. I mean, apparently you need to own a melon-baller for some reason.

Anyway, after my mocking was done I got to thinking. What are the traits of a modern man? The real traits? Traits that I’d like to have? Traits that I value in other men that I know?

So I opened up a word file and every now and then when I thought of one I added to it. Sometimes I added one only to delete it later on. Over time this has coalesced into 28 traits.  Now I could just put the list up here, because some of these are self-explanatory. But they need to be expounded upon for you dumbos out there to get them.

So starting tomorrow I am going to begin with my list. I will add one a day until we have the entire list which I will then link to on a new page at the top of the blog. This is going to be fun but it’s also serious. I really consider these traits to be crucial for a man in the world we live in today.

I expect to have missed one or two. Thus it also behooves my loyal readership to see if you can come up with any that I may have missed. If we find one then I will add it with its own post and description.

So tomorrow we will start with the first trait. Stay tuned.