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1st Trait – the modern man is moderate.



I’m starting off my list of the 28 traits of the modern man with this one. While the list is in no particular order, being moderate has multiple effects and will come up as a correlating trait further down the list. So for this reason I have put it first. It may not be the most exciting trait, but it’s darn important.

There are three type of people in the world: scrupulous, moderate, and exaggerators.

Scrupulous people do everything they can to avoid doing wrong. They are prone to ‘lifestyle panic’. If they hear of a new government study that says you need to eat a cup of lentils a day they will not only do so, they will freak out if they don’t get their cup of lentils. You will never find them drinking or smoking, they will tediously calorie-count every food item that passes their thin and humorless lips, and they will exercise laboriously since their overriding goal is to extend their life for as long as possible. This is not a worthwhile goal. It is quite possibly the ultimate in narcissism. They are also usually bores. They have the uncontrolled tendency to lecture everyone on the evils of what that person is doing.

The ironic thing is that scrupulous people tend to die first before exaggerators and the moderate. They worry themselves into an early grave.

Exaggerators, well they take things a little too far. They’re not going to stick one line of coke up their nose; they’ll take the entire bowl if they can. Drinking? You better have an extra three bottles for them. They will exaggerate with every aspect of their life. Too much sex, exercise, work, food, gambling, cigarettes, sun, you name it, they’re going to get too much of it. It’s not hard to see that whatever they’re doing too much of is eventually going to kill or ruin them.

So we come to the moderates. Someone who is moderate is fundamentally sane. They enjoy everything, but in limited amounts. One cigarette a day, enjoyed on the terrace as a fitting conclusion to a lovely meal – that’s not going to kill you. A pack sure will though. Moderates understand this. They don’t need outside elements to make up for something they might be missing inside. They consume whatever they want but they are not consumed by it.

Because of this moderates are able to enjoy everything, and that is the key word – enjoy. The moderate man is a man of taste and pleasure. He samples everything, grows to understand what he enjoys, and becomes more expert on the product which increases his enjoyment even more, (but without becoming a bore). A moderate man can hold his drink. A scrupulous man will not drink. A man prone to exaggeration will become rowdy and drunk. Which of the three would you invite for the day on your boat?

There’s even been a study that proves this.

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘a man of refinement and taste’. I bet that guy was moderate. Life is not a competition to see who can live the longest miserable experience or who can drink the most booze. If you want to enjoy all that life has to offer, you’ll need to become moderate.

The modern man is moderate.


The 28 traits of the modern man.


2nd Trait – The modern man shaves every day.


  1. Good article but I think I’m a moderate so of course I liked it.
    I can see all three types in people, even myself.
    So far I like this article the best of the 28 traits.

    • Adam

      Glad you liked it. I agree that it is the best trait thus far. I had to start off with a very good one. But I can’t give all the best ones away immediately for obvious reasons.

  2. dearieme

    Moderate in all but my moderation. (Which Greek said that?)

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