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3rd Trait – The modern man does not say sorry.

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So we continue our fascinating exploration of what I consider to be the essential 28 traits of the modern man with trait number three:

The modern man does not say sorry.

The modern man has been under assault by hostile forces for many years now. The third wave of feminism is largely responsible, but a good many men have been traitors to the cause, eagerly falling over themselves to ingratiate with the enemy in the small chance that they might score a consolation root. Twenty years ago men were told to be ‘sensitive new age guys’, then they were told to be ‘metro-sexuals’, now apparently we need to be ‘male-feminists’.

Do this now – extricate the word ‘sorry’ from your vocabulary. In ages past it was a word for good, but now it is one of the biggest traps the modern man can fall into. That word can literally destroy a modern man’s life.

The picture above is of Dr Matt Taylor who should be famous for landing a spacecraft on a comet. Instead he is known as the guy who broke down in tears as he apologized for wearing a gaudy shirt. This is entirely his own fault. Nobody made him say sorry. Oh sure, you could say that he was pressured into it, that he was hounded and eventually broke down. Whatever. He went from hero to zero and there is no coming back. Imagine if he had told the screaming harpies baying for his blood to go to hell. He’d be a fucking icon now. He had a chance to stand up for men everywhere but instead he blew it. And for what? Did it get him anywhere? Maybe you can say that he kept his job, but no job is worth keeping under those conditions.

They don’t want you to say sorry to heal the world. They want you to say sorry so as to further weaken men everywhere and make their anti-male crusade stronger.

You can take that and stick it in the bank. The word sorry to them is simply an admission of guilt. Before Dr Taylor said sorry their demands were ridiculous but as soon as he apologized he gave them credibility. Every time you say the word sorry you make yourself weaker. Sometimes, as in the case with Dr Taylor, you make all men weaker. As a modern man it is your duty not to apologize. By apologizing you are literally saying sorry for who you are. Maybe you’re not sure what it is to be a man anymore. Well you can start right here by not apologizing anymore for anything at any time.

Let’s say you’re at work and there has been a stuff-up in your department and that the buck stops with you. There is a meeting and you’re on the spot. The time has finally come for you to apologize. Instead you say:

“You’re right. This was unacceptable. It won’t happen again.”

What you don’t do is say you’re sorry. That word ain’t gonna get you anywhere good. By not saying sorry the man in this imaginary meeting exudes power and confidence. You can trust that he is going to go back to his department and kick some butt into line. However, the man who grovels before his peers in a pathetic display of submission merely demonstrates his inherent weakness. Stand up, take it on the chin. Be a man.

I bet by now you’re all wondering about the elephant in the room. What about with my other half? Surely I have to keep using the word sorry with her?

Yeah, no. Every time you use the word sorry with her you diminish yourself before her eyes. She will tell you that she wants to hear the word, but what women say they want and what they actually want are in a general sense in opposite alignment. What she wants is a man. A man stands up for himself. A man is not sorry for who he is. Because that is not a man. The more you say sorry the more she will demand that you say sorry for the simple fact that she desperately wants you not to be sorry. She’s subconsciously trying to get you to stand up for yourself.

Let’s say that you really have done something unacceptable and that you are genuinely contrite. What do you say now?

“You’re right. That was unacceptable. It hurt you. It won’t happen again.”

If you really must use the word sorry with her because no other word will do then you’re allowed to use it once every five years. But even then it’s probably best not to.

The modern man does not say sorry.


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  1. dearieme

    Bah humbug! I say “sorry” when it’s the right thing to do. Which I judge in my moderate, bearded way.

  2. The trouble with the word “Sorry” is that the word is also a synonym for pathetic.

    Apologize when you are wrong. But there are many ways to do that without the word “sorry”

  3. bloke in spain

    The correct form of rebuttal here is “I should respect your feelings and an apology would be in order, here.”
    Note the conditionals but she probably won’t. Because, like most women, she’ll be hearing what she wants to hear.
    Because what you’ve actually said here is that you don’t toss about her feelings & you intend to continue your life as a happy, out-of-order guy.

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