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4th Trait – The modern man works out.

pajama boy

It’s time for number four on our list of the 28 traits of the modern man:

The modern man works out.

A lot of the traits on the list are mental or psychological, but this trait is purely about the body. Mind you, you have to have good mental strength to be disciplined enough to achieve good results. Being masculine is not just in your head – it’s in your body too. You can lift, rock climb, kayak, row, box, throw kettleballs, whatever you want as long as it builds muscle and makes you physically strong. I’m not talking cardio here, so all you runners can go and take a running jump.

Take a look at that photo at the top. That there is pajama boy. That is a twenty seven year old man. Do not compare him to women for that is insulting. It insults women because the inference is that they are inferior. It insults men because it is designed to shame them. If we mock men by comparing them to women then we are mocking women. Men must be compared to other men. That picture is a sorry excuse for a man.

Men are stronger than women in some things and weaker in others. One of our comparative strengths is physical strength. It defines us as men. As a modern man you need to be as strong as you are able while still retaining a sense of moderation. As Allen Frantzen says:

“… masculinity itself is kinetic: it’s what we see when a man is in motion, dynamic,  full of energy …”

In the world of today men have no real need to develop their physical strength. There are very few rites of passage left to men. This leads to confusion as to what men are, and what their place in society is. For this reason it is vitally important that the modern man develops his physical abilities. Not only is it a rite of passage but it shows the world that this man is ready to be called on in time of need. Pajama Boy not only cannot save anyone else; it is highly doubtful that he can save himself. Women nurture, men protect.

It is important to develop your physical strength early in life. Late teens through your twenties is best but thirties are fine as well. At some point in your thirties, depending on your body type and genes, you will reach the downward slope where your body begins to weaken. From that point on the strongest that you will be able to achieve is whatever peak you hit previously in your life. As always there are exceptions to this rule, but in general it holds true. So start early if you can.

You never arrive with physical strength. You must always work at it. You do not exercise so as to live as long as you can. You exercise so as to be the best that you can be. Being a man is feeling like a man, and a man feels strong.

The modern man works out.


3rd Trait – The modern man does not say sorry.


5th trait: The modern man never orders a bottle of wine that can be opened without a corkscrew.


  1. dearieme

    Bah! What an unsociable way that it to take exercise. Surely the modern man plays rugby and has a beer or three with his team-mates and opponents afterwards.Or if he’s too old for that he walks in the hills.

  2. Runner

    Agreed, apart from your dismissal of running. One of the points of working out is to experience physical challenge regularly, & build mental strength as a result. To take pain without whining. Running fits the bill. Swimming & cycling too. Cardio is not all of it of course. Any runner who doesn’t supplement running with push ups, sit ups, chin ups, & other physical conditioning, will soon be injured. Good runners are strong, not effete. Of course, some runners take it too far – Kenyan marathoners aren’t much use for anything else for example. Otherwise, a solid article.

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