Once again I troll the interwebs for the good shit so you don’t have to.

Rich people are not the problem.

It’s the moochers and cronyists that need to be guillotined.

Man strips in women’s restroom because he can

I particularly like the part where he comes back when the kiddies are getting changed. No LGBTUILZZ slippery slope here, folks.

Muslim prayers take over UN general assembly.

Camel botherers making hay while the sun shines.

Who killed the liberal arts?

Humanities wish to break from the past because they know the founding fathers were better men than they are.

Whiny recruiter alert.

Have you ever known a good recruiter? No, I didn’t think so.

ESPN’s highly questionable – the 2015 Papi awards.

Sexual dancing granny has to be seen to be believed.

Doctors don’t like their job, want laws changed.

If you don’t like treating trauma victims then why the fuck did you become a trauma doctor?

Kickstarter for a documentary about the assault on free speech.

I have high hopes that Mike Cernovich will do something great here.

French ex-foreign legion general arrested in protest against illegal migrants.

Smart man; he knows which way the wind is blowing.