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6th trait – The modern man rides a motorbike.

Our 6th trait in our ongoing adventure:

The modern man rides a motorbike.

The question shouldn’t be, why would you ride a bike; the real question is, why wouldn’t you? Perhaps you’re worried about hurting yourself, but if you did that with everything you wouldn’t go to bed at night. I read some insurance statistics last year that showed that 600 people a year die in the USA, strangled by their own bedsheets. Those beds are dangerous places, my friend.

And anyway, the modern man is moderate. He won’t be screaming down the highway at insane speeds while ducking between trucks. Here is Mr Ryan Reynolds talking about what riding a bike means to him, courtesy of filmmaker Bryan Rowland.

[wpvideo IO5A7PHb]

The quote I love the most from that is when Ryan says that when you’re in a car you can’t wait to get there. But when you’re on a bike you can’t wait to not get there.

Of course riding a bike is dangerous, but so what? You’re not flirting with death, you’re flirting with life. And with the coming swift rise of automated vehicles we might find that riding a bike is the only method we will have left to tear recklessly along the highways and byways.

For the modern man who lives in the city, riding a bike might be one of the only ways to escape the humdrum monotony. To take off and ride. To be both at one with nature and one with the bike. To feel masculine. Every thing helps these days. And think about it: when you were a kid, when you were riding your bicycle around, didn’t you just wish it had a big-arse engine on the thing?

Whenever I take out my bike, if there are kids around, they stop and stare. They’re mesmerised. They want to come over and see but they’re intimidated. Then I give them a short wave and their faces break into huge smiles. Yeah, a bike is cool, they’re saying. There’s nothing cooler.

The modern man rides a motorbike.


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  1. Joe Bar


  2. BTampa

    The people who see self-driving cars as the next big breakthrough have their eye on motorcycles too. Apparently there are a few bike prototypes out there that will self-balance so you can’t fall over. The modern man understands that is not really a motorcycle.

  3. dearieme

    So I used to be modern but am so no longer. Could be.

  4. Bill Purcell

    “They’re memorized”
    Umm. Was that “mesmerised”? 😉

  5. Starrman

    Just recently found your site from that Capitalist Captain Bastard. It’s hard to say he has good taste in friends, but I’ll say it anyway. I recovered my lost self on a bike about 10 years ago. Rode as a kid and had a bad wreck. Year’s later and providence, I got on a bike and saw myself again. I had a Bonneville and now have a Tiger and a UJM sportbike. I’m more sane now and even my sibling told me, “I’ve never seen you happier.” There you go Mr. Piggott, Thank you for your blog and for 28 traits. It will sit next to the 48 laws of power and The Book of Man by Bennett. And all the other bits of wisdom Men now so desperately need.

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