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12th trait – The modern man does not eat with his mouth open.


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The modern man does not eat with his mouth open.

The 11th trait was about spending time alone. But it is also vitally important that the modern man learns how to comport himself, how to socialize, and how to treat a lady. In other words, how not to revolt everyone around him. While being independent of others’ good opinions is important, that does not preclude behaving like a gentleman. Simple courtesies and manners were developed to better enable people to co-exist in large numbers. By behaving well you are being empathetic. You are taking care to make sure that the people around you are comfortable.

Acting well is born in the art of consideration for other people. Perhaps you are in the self-service checkout of a supermarket. The modern man will scan his items in good time and conclude the transaction promptly, for he is aware that there are other people behind him waiting for their turn. What he does not do is loiter at the machine, perhaps using his phone or talking distractedly to another person.

Schools used to teach such comportment skills. My school used to teach its students to walk on the street only two abreast. A group of six boys would be three deep, thus allowing other people to comfortably pass them. Alas, this does not seem to happen anymore. It is now up to the young man to educate himself in these matters.

There are many things to consider when being a gentleman. I will not go into all of them here, but a quick tour of any search engine will bring up extensive lists. This post is more concerned with why the act of being a gentleman is so important to the modern man. For the past 20 years society has attempted to ridicule gentlemanly behavior. Holding a door open for a woman or stepping back to let her enter first is seen as an opportunity to attack a man for being a chauvinist or even a misogynist. These attacks on men, and our society at large, are even more reason for the modern man to hold firm in his beliefs and behaviors.

If you hold a day open for a lady and are attacked for it, say nothing. The act of defending yourself demeans your position by giving validity to a ridiculous argument. Simply file the information away that you are dealing in this case with a woman, not a lady. This has the obvious benefit of disqualifying potential mates. And make sure that the next time you hold the door for her again. You do not lower yourself to their standards, you raise them to yours.

Today’s society seeks to actively destroy many foundations on which it was built. This is a cancer from within. Whenever the modern man acts like a gentleman he is helping to stem the tide against those who would do society ill. The saying that manners make the man holds true in every aspect, as many old sayings do. By behaving with courtesy you are dignifying those around you. This in turn gives you dignity.

The modern man does not eat with his mouth open.


Trait 11 – The modern man has spent time alone.


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  1. Damienski

    I can’t recall who said it, but I read of an excellent riposte by a chap who was rebuked by a woman for whom he was holding a door open. The gentleman explained to her that he wasn’t doing it because she was a lady, he was doing it because he was a gentleman.

    • Adam

      Love it.

    • Windy Wilson

      “Not because I mistook you for a lady but because I am a gentleman.”

  2. dearieme

    “My school used to teach its students to walk on the street only two abreast.” We were told that it was improper to eat in the street. Except ice cream. That was a sensible blend, I think, of courtesy and practicality.

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