Even though it’s early Monday morning here in Australia, the majority of my readership hails from the Northern American continent, so I’m going to call it the weekend just this once so you feel happy and warm and safe. So stuff that caught my eye this week in this fascinating year of big happenings:

Verona takes stand against multiculturalism

Now I spent 10 years living in Italy and a good deal of that time I spent hanging around Verona, my favorite Italian city. Which is why I love this article on so many levels. Multiculturalism has always been a lie. The lie is twofold – firstly, it doesn’t work as has been repeatedly shown all over the world. Secondly, its central premise is to devalue the host culture at the expense of all cultures seeking to enter. Which is why I am so glad to see small strike-backs like this, particularly from such a beautiful Italian city.

I was born an American but I was born in Portugal?

Speaking of Italy and Italians, I’m Anglo-Saxon Australian but as I just mentioned I lived in Italy for a very long time. I speak fluent Italian. Apart from one or two examples, all of my friends, colleagues, and associates in Italy were Italians. Does that then make me Italian? Can I go around saying I’m Italian?

Of course not. That would be ridiculous and patently untrue. Yet when it comes to countries like the USA and Australia, many immigrants arriving after a very brief time suddenly take it upon themselves to believe that they’re a native of the country. Why is this? Well, it’s because these two countries in particular have been so co-opted by the lie that is multiculturalism which has dramatically undermined the host culture.

That link is to a great series of arguments on Vox Day’s website where he takes Sarah Hoyt to task for announcing that she is American in spite of having being born and grown up in Portugal. One of the things I like about Vox is that he stands by his principles no matter the past associations. Hoyt was one of the original core leaders, with Vox Day of the Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies movement, but that cuts her no slack here.

It is vitally important for a country to have a strong culture, and it is not racist to attempt to uphold it. In fact, it is quite racist to seek to bring in other cultures to the host culture’s detriment. But as we know, SJWs always project.

A gentleman’s club for boys.

It will be obvious to my regular readers why I love this story so much.

A conservative explains why he supports Trump.

A quite devastating argument as to why conservatism has come to stand for nothing in the USA and why Trump is doing so well. Here in Australia our own conservative party, the Liberal Party, is heading down the same lines. Australia is about five years behind the USA on these matters. The Liberal Party had a small scare a few years ago with Pauline Hanson, but she was unintelligent and fairly inarticulate. Nevertheless she had quite extraordinary success.

And to finish off, courtesy of the good Cappy, we have the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie:

Ghost Busters

A few points here as well. The movie’s failure will be squarely blamed on sexism and misogyny and all the usual false flags, when in actual fact it’s just a big pile of suck and yet another attempt to undermine Western social constructs and culture. To the average person this movie will just seem weird. But what is going on here is the ongoing attempt to substitute traditional male roles with female protagonists. This is not about ‘grrrl power’. It’s gone way beyond that. This is what the socialists have been up to for the past 25 years after the Berlin Wall came down. If you don’t understand or appreciate how important culture is then you haven’t learned or digested any of the important historical lessons from the 20th century.

And that’s the weekend wrap.