Yesterday I posted the 15th trait in my list, titled as ‘The modern man reads books.’

Today I am having doubts about it. I fear that it is incorrect in a fundamental way. I was thinking about it last night while walking home with the good wife after a pleasant dinner at a local establishment. I had finished the meal with a snifter of Ron Zacapa XO rum. Such luxuries get the mind tingling. I pondered the skill and patience involved in producing such a rum, or rhum as is its correct name.

And then I wondered what it would be like to learn how to make it. To go and apprentice myself in eastern Guatemala and become adept at its production.

And then I realised that this would be an exercise of my mind but no book would be involved. Cut to the illumination – it is the search for knowledge that is important, and knowledge can be in the doing as well as the reading. If I learn how to be a bike mechanic I will have exercised my brain as well as my hands.

So I am considering changing the 15th trait to, ‘The modern man seeks knowledge’. I will ponder this some more today.