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18th trait – The modern man does not live with his parents.

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The 18th trait sneaks up on us:

The modern man does not live with his parents.

It pains me to include this trait in the list. When I left home in 1989 at the age of seventeen it was considered absolutely standard behavior to do so. It was the next stage of life. Shit, there weren’t many rights of passage or trials for the young man even back then but at least this was one of them. Leaving home meant growing up. You didn’t have mommy or daddy to cook, clean, wash, and more importantly pay the bills anymore. Because of the cost you were forced to take a room in a shared house. I’ve heard young men today whining that they can’t move out because they can’t afford to pay for their own apartment yet. You’re not supposed to move straight into your own pad. You need to work up to that.

But even more reason to share a house is that it forces you to learn how to live with other people as an adult. I had a rude shock at my first shared abode. Turned out that piling up the dishes in the sink and expecting other people to clean them was unacceptable behavior. Crazy right?

There is so much wrong with continuing to live with your parents after you reach adulthood that I hardly know where to start. Firstly, if your parents condone this behavior then they’re the first ones at fault. Most probably they will have brought you up attempting to shield you from any form of discomfort whatsoever. We do this to babies, not men. Moving out of home is a struggle, that’s the whole point. But mommy and daddy don’t want to see their precious baby having a hard time. So they let you stay at home where they continue to do everything for you. Frankly, parents complaining that their children still live at home should be ruthlessly mocked and ridiculed. It’s your home, why are they still there? Just shut the fuck up already.

Blaming your parents for you still being at home of course demonstrates an astounding lack of self awareness. It’s still your fault. How can a young man not want to leave home? There’s an entire world at there. You’re not restricted to staying where you grew up. You can move to the other side of the country. It’s not hard. It’s a challenge and you will have your fair share of ups and downs but people do it all the time. The only thing limiting you is you. Which is incredibly freeing when you get down to it. The power is in your hands to move to the other side of the world and live there.

Or you can stay at home with mommy and daddy. Perhaps you will bring girls home there too. Listen up you clueless and miserable excuses for men – any woman worth your while will drop you like a hot potato the moment she learns that you still live at home with your parents. The ones who don’t have a problem with it are still children themselves.

Once you’ve done share-houses for a few years, and once you have the coin, you can graduate up to your own bachelor pad. Living by yourself as a young man after time spent in share houses is the ultimate reward for leaving home.  This ties into so many other traits but particularly spending time alone. You can only do that if you have first left the family nest.

The modern man does not live with his parents.


17th trait – The modern man buys the best clothes that he can afford.


19th trait – The modern man is not I.

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    Until they are so old that they need to live with him.

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