It’s Friday in Australia so time to do some links and other stuff. Today the theme once again are our ‘good mates’ over at the safe schools program. Things are hotting up for them a bit as word gets out that maybe, just maybe, teaching 11 year old’s about cock to thigh strapping isn’t really what some parents intended when they wave their kiddies goodbye in the morning.

Here is a new organization made up of mothers who aren’t very happy about this. Tellingly, they have decided not to reveal their identities:

“… we have decided to launch this webpage anonymously because of the hostility of the debate surrounding the Safe Schools Coalition Australia. “Homophobic”, “intolerant”, “bigot” are just some of the words used to describe anyone who has voiced their concerns about this program.  As stated previously, we are concerned mothers, not experts, we do not want our message to be politicised. We also have children in schools who we want to protect from the inevitable barrage of criticism they will face …”

Emphasis my own. Interesting isn’t it that speaking out about a program to stop bullying could lead to you being bullied. Please give the good mothers your support as they are fighting the good fight.

But who exactly are we fighting against? Well meaning people assume that there cannot be any agenda or ulterior motive behind these types of programs. They take them at face value because to do otherwise might give rise to disturbing and uncomfortable ideas that would thus have to be acted upon. This is how propaganda has always worked. With hindsight it is obvious; in fact we make fun of previous nations who had the ‘stupidity’ to fall for various lines that are so ‘obvious’ to us now. This piece in Quadrant outlines the historical precedent already set:

Frustrated by his inability to create a communist paradise, Lenin had called upon I. P. Pavlov, the infamous scientific expert on programming animal behaviour, and demanded that he extend his methods to the entire human population:

“I want the masses of Russia to follow a Communistic pattern of thinking … There was too much individualism [and] communism does not tolerate individualistic tendencies. They are harmful. They interfere with our plans. We must abolish individualism”, Lenin declared.

“So”, asked Pavlov, “you want me to standardize the population of Russia? Make them all behave the same way?”

“Exactly!” replied Lenin. “Man can be corrected. Man can be made what we want him to be”.

Consequently, as Geoffrey Hosking explains in A History of the Soviet Union (1985):

“In the 1920s the regime tried to weaken the family as a ‘bourgeois institution’ [by passing new laws according to which] any stable cohabitation … could be considered a family … Abortion was available on demand [and] a partner to a marriage could obtain a divorce simply by requesting it”.

The result was an astronomical increase in the number of broken homes and abortions (in 1934 in Moscow there were only 57,000 live births compared to 154,000 abortions), while large numbers of women died from botched procedures. Meanwhile, the number of orphans skyrocketed, and they roamed the streets, starving, dying of disease, and forming criminal gangs that attacked people and stormed apartment blocks.

Other policies introduced in the Soviet Union at the same time was the use of gender neutral language and the abolition of a fixed age of consent. There are two lessons to take away from this. Promoting homosexuality in schools as a lifestyle choice does not lead to positive outcomes for society. More disturbingly, it takes very little time for this to have a devastating and destabilizing effect.

Some Australian politicians are stirring and starting to protest about this, but it would have done Tony Abbott well to have resisted this program when he was prime minister seeing as it was introduced and supported at that time. In fact, it is quite dismaying to hear someone such as Tim Wilson from the Institute of Public Affairs, an organization which I have held, until recently, in high esteem, go all-in for this program:

Surprisingly, it is the ABC which has published a decent query as to the intent and undertones of the safe schools program. Mind you, the very first comment reveals exactly who we are fighting against.

All organizations that wish to convert a populace follow a golden rule: go after the kiddies. Why bother attempting to convert the adult population when you can grab the kiddies and use them to overpower the oldies as soon as they’re old enough to carry a gun. If you sit back and think that, ‘it couldn’t happen here’, or ‘you’re just being a conspiracy theorist’, you have your head planted firmly in the cold hard earth.