The differences between men and women have long been a source of amusement and humor, used to great effect in literature, television, theater, and other forms of popular entertainment. But with the rise of political correctness and the arrival of third-wave feminism things have taken a disturbing turn.

An email exchange I had with another writer threw up this example that he gave me:

Why, just a few literal minutes ago I passed a man in the street being photographed by two women (all in their 20s), and this must have been some university project. Anyway he was holding up a big sign that read ‘Men of Quality don’t fear Equality!’, and the look on his face as he was photographed… it was the sort of look one might have watching someone have sex with their wife. Completely emasculated and domesticated.

Hearing this sort of thing makes me sad, but the sadder thing is that it is not uncommon. This is a battle between the sexes but in many cases the participants are just pawns being used by greater powers. I am sure that both the young man and women in this example do not realize just how they are being manipulated.

They are also being set up for a life of disappointment. The young man will obediently follow his given instructions to be ‘a good man’ and ‘make a woman happy’ which he will invariably fail at doing. The young women will be told that they ‘can have it all’ and will end up childless and alone with no hope of redemption.

Does the young man in this case really think that he is doing something great? How much effort does it take to walk out and hold up a sign in this way? If you are emasculated then it takes no effort at all. In contrast, a real man would never willingly do such a thing; it would be impossible.

The people that encourage this behavior and who manipulate these young people for their social and political ends are not misguided. I consider them to be evil. As McCain writes in a post today, it is up to young men to stand up and recognize their responsibilities to act well and think for themselves, but it is also up to parents to help them navigate these truly treacherous passages.

Winners win and losers lose. Freedom requires responsibility, and fellows must cease this pathetic nonsense of complaining about the results of their own folly.

Freedom is actually a scary thing. It requires you to stand up and think for yourself. Much easier to be told what to do and believe it to be the truth without any investigation. You are not just being lazy by doing so; you are actively sowing the seeds of your own destruction.