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We are tired.

And so another terror attack in Europe. Some more explosions, some more people die. Our leaders will wring their hands. They will talk about border control, and dialogue, and how we won’t be beaten and people are getting on with their lives, how security efforts will be stepped up. Fingers will be pointed at different government agencies. Perhaps a few sacrificial heads will roll. And always, always a supreme and unending effort will be made to dance around the demographic monkey that dare not speak its name.

But I feel that Western populations are sick of this situation. We are tired of being told that we are intrinsically racist for questioning mass immigration of foreign cultures to our countries. We are tired of the fact that no effort is made by these immigrants to assimilate and any objections raised are shouted down with the overused tripe of multiculturalism. We are tired of the relentless persecution of Christianity in the popular media and in the courts when it is one of the cornerstones on which our civilization has been built. And this while a certain other religion is offered full pass marks for beliefs and practices that go directly against everything that our democratic forefathers fought and died for over hundreds of years. We are tired of whatever will be the latest feel-good effort to show solidarity with the victims when we know that it achieves nothing at all. How many more twitter memes, how many more marches, how many more displays of solidarity? You can’t stand with Charlie Hebdo if you’ve had your legs blown off.

We are tired of the crime, and the rioting, and the suburbs that are no-go areas. We are tired of the building of enormous places of worship in small regional country towns that could not possibly require such infrastructure as of yet. We are tired of our own media who steadfastly refuse to name the elephant in the room and collectively fall over themselves to ask, How can this have happened? What are the causes?

We know what the causes are.

That video is of various Middle Eastern populations celebrating the September 11 attack on the United States. I remember watching similar clips on television at the time and shaking my head that such a thing was possible. Those same populations that actively celebrated attacks by their countrymen on Western civilization have in the past 15 years done their best to colonize our countries. And our leaders are still actively encouraging them to come in.

In future years this time will be studied as all moments in history are studied. Who will be doing the studying is still an open question. In the past when people have made our lives difficult we have moved to different areas and adjusted in different ways. But then again, we weren’t being blown up at airports, in airplanes, on buses, on trains, or in train stations. We weren’t being gunned down at concerts, in cafes or bars, in theaters, or in shopping malls. Our women weren’t being raped or molested on a scale not seen since the Second World War. We can’t move away from that sort of problem.

What happens next is the consequence of people getting tired enough.


Donald Trump the master blaster.


22nd trait – The modern man does not text while walking.


  1. I remember reading In the Land of Invisible Women by Qanta A. Ahmed. A British doctor was working in Saudi Arabia in 2011 and observed the cheering and excitement of Saudi patients and visitors when the attacks occurred. This, after years of US assistance and protection had allowed the Kingdom to be the wealthy and developed state that it is today. The terrified foreign staff whispered to each other about it in unused rooms and many made plans to leave ASAP.
    Westerners have forgotten what hatred is. We don’t really hate anyone, anymore. Haven’t hated the Arabs since the Crusades. It’s hard for us to put ourselves in their heads and see things as they see it.
    Distance is the best solution, both in terms of immigration and involvement in wars and ‘revolutions’ that are none of our business.

    • Adam

      Proximity plus diversity equals war. Europe’s problem is that it declared history over with the fall of the Berlin Wall but history had other ideas.

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