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23rd trait – The modern man gets on with it.


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The modern man gets on with it.

The above photo is of astronaut Neil Armstrong ejecting from the lunar module during a test. After ejecting at 200 feet and coming back to ground through the fireball of the destroyed module, his colleagues found him an hour later at his desk filling out an incident form.

Being calm is not just about handling yourself well in a tricky or stressful situation. How attractive is it when a guy handles something well but then goes around talking himself up for days on end? In some cases for the rest of his life. With every beating of his chest our respect for his deed diminishes. We come to understand that he performed well in the situation despite of who he is, not because of it.

Calmness is associated with confidence. A man has no need to talk himself up because he knows who he is. He has no need to prove himself to anyone because he has already done so to himself. Often times it is as much about what you don’t say rather than what comes out of your mouth. A man who gets on with it has no need to post his deeds on portals like Facebook for the masses to admire him. He does not tweet his brilliance at every turn. He knows that external admiration is meaningless in of itself. And who wants to be admired by a horde of people who would endlessly talk themselves up if they found themselves in the same circumstances? With that, there is nothing more left to say.

The modern man gets on with it.


22nd trait – The modern man does not text while walking.


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  1. dearieme

    But now one is required to brag. A CV is a compendium of bragging.

    Perhaps the modern man gets offered jobs without applying for them.

  2. Bill

    You constantly use the idiom “in and of itself “ incorrectly. You use “in of itself”, which is wrong. Please self improve.

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