A very happy Easter and Good Friday to all my readers.

It’s link time, which I haven’t done for a little while. Here’s what caught my eye this week:

Man tweets of Muslim Children celebrating the Brussels bombing, is visted by police.

It’s one thing for Muslims to be celebrating terrorist attacks on Westerners. It’s a bit more disturbing when those celebrating are children. It’s pretty insane when it turns out the schools that these children attend are in the city which was attacked. Insanity reaches new heights when a man tweets this news and is visited by the police warning him to take down his tweet or he may be harmed by others. Then it turns out the police lied about them being personally sent by the local mayor.

An American fairy-tale.

Fred doesn’t post often but when he does he carries a mighty big stick. And he uses it too.

Obama declares there’s little difference between communism and capitalism.

I suppose that explains his policies for the last eight years. The crazy thing about this declaration is the almost complete lack of press reaction to it. It was boasted that the Soviet Union was brought down because the system was rotten from within. The problem with rot is that it can easily effect your own countries and if it is not dealt with early the same fate will be suffered.

Moar Feminism!

Because too much feminism is never enough.

Sovietman! & The Cynical Libertarian Society!

Demonstrating the how to get a million hits law on your blog, if you link to me then I’ll link to you.

And finally to finish off, my feelgoods post of the day:

The Palm Springs dream home where time stood still.

Yours for a measly 850K. I love the den with its bar but this bedroom is something else.