I hope you all had a happy and safe Easter. Mine was characterized by four days of eating and drinking, whether it was at home or out at random restaurants. My wife and I enjoy wandering around inner Melbourne around lunch time and popping into a restaurant when the mood takes us. Dinner is always lovely to dine out, but nothing beats lunch. The best of all of course is a lunch that then morphs into a dinner. Until you get the bill.

But this was supposed to be about news and updates. Here we go.

The next book.

Title now is, ‘The Prosecco Paddlers’, and it’s on track for a June release. I’ve been feeding the manuscript to a few people and the feedback has been excellent. Tellingly, my editor hasn’t had to do much at all. It seems the awful slog of the first book has taught me how to construct the things right the first time. It does of course make sense that the more you do something the better you get.

The next next book.

But I also intend to get a third book out this year. I had plans for a novel but that is now on the back-burner as I’m going to put out a book based on the 28 traits for the modern man that I have been developing. I have received a number of emails from readers saying that they would love the topics to be expanded and then available in a book format. Who am I to not deliver on such a request?

Pushing Rubber Downhill audio book.

The audio book has been completed and it is now at audible.com where it is being assessed for publication. This should take about a week and then it will be available. The narrator is Davis Aurini who I must say worked extremely hard at it over the past few months. It clocks in at just under seven and a half hours. That will sort you out if you’re driving across Australia or flying to London.


I’m going to be starting a podcast in the next few weeks. Right now I’m messing around with the computer and recording programs and doing some experimenting on how long I can speak before I become too boring. I’m thinking 30 minutes is a good rough time unless I’m doing an interview. If any of you have topics that you’d like to hear me do a podcast on, drop a comment here or send me an email.

So that’s all the news. Quite a bit actually. Exciting times.