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Do I consider myself to be a MGTOW?

Aaron Clarey has a video up eviscerating the pretend MGTOW movement. That stands for Men going their own way. Apparently they have a symbol and everything that they stick on the back of their motorcycles. Aaron dissects the men who are using MGTOW as a crutch and substitute for their failures from those men who go their own way because they don’t want to buy into the blue pill life that modern society demands of them.

I’m writing about this because Aaron uses me as an example of what a real MGTOW is. He does this at around the 20 minute mark. If you have no idea of MGTOW or of virgin-TOWs as Aaron calls them, then watch the video so I don’t have to do all the explaining here.

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The modern man is not in the delivery room.

A couple of low-brow Australian television presenters severely chastised a professional sportsman for doing his job while his wife was in labor. It turns out that she gave birth some 48 hours after he played the game, the information of which was passed on to the television station by the woman concerned:

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The art of manliness by a young-ish, cisgender hetero male in a hurry.


The weekly journal at men’s clothing site, Mr Porter, has an article this week titled, How to be a man in 2016. Gee, I thought to myself, I hope this isn’t going to be written by their terminally unmanly senior editor Chris Elvidge. Oh no, it is. That’s him above on the far right. The word man does not enter my mind when viewing that picture. Metro-sexual nancy boy comes a bit closer. Let’s have a look at his brilliant prose, shall we?

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This is the face of social justice warriors.

And her name is #TrigglyPuff.

Options equate to choices which equates to freedom.

There’s a great guest post up at Captain Capitalism from a young guy who goes into detail about the immediate years after his recent college graduation. In short, he hasn’t used his degree and neither have the vast majority of his peers. No surprise there for us as we know that the modern man does not waste time or money on a college degree. But there is one quote in particular that I want to focus on from his post:

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They’re not your kids.


It’s not just these guys you and your kids have to watch out for anymore …

Today’s headline is of a Canadian mom who was investigated by child protection services for letting her kids play alone in the backyard while she was home. A few things stick out for me here.

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Did you go to your school prom?

The good Cappy has a new video up in response to a question from one of his readers. The young man wants to know whether or not he should go to his prom.

Cappy’s response is what you would expect. But I found it interesting in relation to my own school life. In Australia we call it the ‘school ball’, and back when I was a lad in the 80s you would go to three of them as the final three grades in high school were all allowed to go to the school ball.

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Linky Time.

I’m feeling a little uninspired this morning so what better solution than to look for inspiration in others. Here’s what caught my eye this week.

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Could you pay for a $400 emergency?


About six years ago my personal finances were not in good shape. I had entered a realm of almost total denial. Each day I came home and walked past my letterbox. I did not open it for I knew it contained bills and terrible bank statements. I did this for months. Walking past the letterbox which taunted me with its capacity for absorption. Unfortunately for me my letterbox was quite large.

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According to Alec Baldwin I suffer from mental illness.


I’d like to have a beer with one of these guys, but which one?

I like Alec Baldwin as an actor. I think he’s great. His brother Billy? Not so much. He was okay in The Usual Suspects but his film choices just haven’t resonated with me. But if you asked me which of the two I’d like to have a drink with it would be Billy every single time.

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