Links for the weekend

I have a few tidbits collected from around the web this week. I had some more but my cat shut down my computer by accident. He will be made to pay. After the break you will be delighted with links, videos, and perhaps the hawt babe of the week. Who can know for sure …?

This video is over thirty years old and is a conversation with a KGB defector who details the four stages that result in a society being overthrown by a Marxist revolution. What stage is your country in? Chilling stuff. I can’t paste in the video for some reason so just follow the link.

Ann Barnhardt tells feminists to stop being stupid and just go clean up the kitchen.

Legendary kayaker Eric Jackson explains why he thinks being added to the Olympics is devastating for a sport.

A fantastic article on artists rejecting modernism and going back to form and technique.

“This is not our parents’ art,” explains Will St. John, then one of Collins’s most outspoken students. “Their generation is not able to teach me to do what I want to do. You get some hippie teaching the class and she’s stressing that you need to loosen up, be free, express yourself, like therapy,” St. John says dismissively. “I was inspired by Michelangelo and Da Vinci, and my parents’ generation can’t teach proportion and accuracy. The moderns had their say. Now it’s our turn.”

McCain takes down Amy Schumer. As the late, great, Christopher Hitchens said, women just aren’t funny:

And finally, care of the great folks at Maggies Farm from where I appropriated this image, the hawt babe of the week. Have a great weekend and try not to fall out of your boat.




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