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tip jar

Trawling around the internet the reader will notice that many sites and blogs utilize the concept of tip-jars. The idea is that if you like the writer enough, or at least if you like their content, then you’ll drop in a donation.

A few bloggers that I know suggested to me that I should also put a tip-jar on my site. I briefly thought about it but I quickly dismissed the idea. If others do it that is fine by me, but it’s not my style. I benefit financially when readers buy my book, (soon to be books plural).

What I do every day is provide you, the dear reader, with a service. You can read what I write here for free. It’s my pleasure to do this for you and the act of writing also helps me to clarify my thoughts on the topic at hand. My daily blog writing is an advertisement for my books. Someone may discover my site by accident and then over the course of time become accustomed to stopping by on a regular basis. Eventually they may arrive at the point where they think to themselves that they might just give my book a shot.

That is my preferred scenario and that is why you don’t see a tip-jar on my blog.

But the reason I’m writing about this today is due to events occurring on the other side of the world from me in North Carolina. The state government there has just passed a law which prohibits cities from creating non-discrimination policies based on gender identity. If that’s a bit confusing for you what it means is that if you’re born a male but then decide that you now ‘identify as a woman’, well bad luck in North Carolina because you ain’t using the female bathrooms.

I strongly agree with this law.

Many of my fellow bloggers will strongly fall on my side of the issue as well. But here’s the thing: PayPal in response to this has cancelled plans to build a global operations center in that state at a cost of around 400 jobs. It would thus appear that PayPal’s primary business is not money laundering but virtue signaling social justice policies. A strange way indeed to generate profits.

I have used PayPal on the odd occasion to make transactions over the internet. Now however, I am forced to seek an alternative arrangement as I cannot willingly support such a business that actively seeks to undermine the democratic process of an elected government. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to have a tip-jar that utilizes their services.


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  1. Sjonnar

    You mean virtue-signalling? Either way, I’m with you; fuck pay pal. Never using it again.

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