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A few choice links with my pithy comments to accommodate to get you all revved up for the weekend.

With my post the other day about the horrible PayPal and what to use instead of their services, I felt it was my duty to trawl around the net to discover a suitable alternative option. Much trawling later and I came across one which I think is outrageously appropriate given the nature of PayPal’s transgressions.

Continue to Give is a church-based payment platform which I think does all the same bits as PayPal. However, I think you can be reasonably assured that they’re not going to suddenly boycott governments for not allowing narcissistic transsexual mentally ill sex perverts to hang around bathrooms of the opposite sex. Plus, if you were thinking of planning a missionary expedition into the Congo then they can help you there too. Just an added bonus.

A post up at Vox Popoli on the scientific method and how science is corrupted in each generation by humans being human. On the topic of science, don’t you love it when some socialist nutbag sticks up a tweet or a facebook post with the tag ‘I fucking love science’? Usually it is when their version of science corresponds to whatever political point they’re trying to make. Of course when real science comes along they all go batshit crazy.

Here’s a helpful hint to all those whackos out there with their LGBTRXZ rights and whatever else they’ve come up with in the past 48 hours:

If you have an X & Y chromosome, you’re a male; sorry.

I fucking love science.

Okay, next link is a sciencey one too. Here is what the blood test of a vegetarian shows. Not very pretty. We are omnivores, and more importantly our body has developed over a very long time to be this way. Suddenly changing it doesn’t do you any good, at best. As it says at the link:

Remember that there are only three macro nutrients — carbohydrate, protein and fat.

If you remove essentially all of one and a huge percentage of the other from your food choices, what’s left?

Readers of my book will remember the scene where i got dramatically ill. The principle cause was a vegetarian diet.

An article from a college professor on how hard his life is because college ain’t what it used to be. It’s mostly worth reading although he goes on for far too long which shows how good his English teaching is. I made a comment on the piece quoting a section he wrote. His section in bold, my response in italics:

How about no lectures, no students, and, best of all, no professors—just student-directed online activity at cut-rate prices? If this sounds to you like a typical Wednesday night of surfing the web, that’s because it is. How universities could persuade anyone to pay for this kind of experience, discount or not, is a mystery to me.

This right here is the essence of the problem. Ron Srigley appears to be struggling with the realities of attempting to teach university in a disjointed academic environment. What he needs to understand is that universities are no longer institutes of higher learning devoted to the concepts of teaching critical thinking. They are businesses which are more and more wrapped up in the cocoon of a cult. How universities can persuade anyone to pay for what they currently offer, let alone the future example given by the author, is beyond me.

Mr Srigley’s peers who he softly takes to task in this essay are unfortunately smarter than he is. They do not believe that they are providing value for money education. They do not believe that they are molding and shaping young adult minds to better the future.

They’re in it for the money.

I think after all that we need a babe of the week.



The Western ideal of good faith.


The art of keeping score.


  1. Adventure and Business

    I like the babe! More babes.
    My professors made 100k and taught three courses. All us students took 3-4 courses and worked. Their life is easy!
    I put a picture of your book up on my blog
    I’m enjoying the book.

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