This post is a bit late today as the good wife and I went on a small adventure down the coast to an island. What fun, old chap. Jolly good show and all that. So here is a quickie for you all until normal service resumes tomorrow.

I have written a few times on this blog concerning relationships. Those things that happen between men and women and the confusion and angst that subsequently results. One of the main areas that contributes to great disharmony in a relationship is when either or both parties keep score. As in, I’ve done the washing up three times and you haven’t cleaned the gutters. So I want to help out my readers by giving my you the number one method to solve this problem.

Here it goes – if you are in a relationship and the good woman begins keeping score, drop her like a hot potato. There is no coming back from this point. It’s all over so why let it take years? Man up and bite the bullet. Simples!

However, if you’re a guy and you find yourself keeping score, what this probably means is that you’re an areshole. Typically you’ll be the type of person who is the last to put his hand in his pocket to buy a round when you’re out with a bunch of mates. Sometimes you’ll get away scott free, other times you’ll only buy a single round while most of the other guys buy at least two. This is because you’re always keeping score. All I can say to you is don’t hang out with me.

So there you go. Everything you need to know about keeping score.