I love the word pithy – it’s so pithy.

Regular readers will note that we are exactly one post away from completing the list of the 28 traits of the modern man. All will be revealed next week. But do you have an idea in your head of what it will be? What do you think is missing from the list? Throw it out there in the comments and we’ll see who is right. And who knows? Your trait might be so important that the list will need to be expanded. I’m not the final authority on anything.

Anyway, here is all the stuff that caught my eye this week.

A story on dogs being taught how to fly a plane. When they teach it to pigs the world will implode.

Perth introduces female friendly parking spaces. They’re closer to the exit as only men are allowed to be mugged in the dark recesses of the parking garage. Mind you, I initially thought that female friendly parking meant that there would be rubber barriers installed on all three sides.

Public service employees in Australia are now pushing for domestic violence leave. I think the dumbest thing about asking for domestic violence leave is the fact that you’re asking to stay home so you can be beaten up more often.

Michael Moore gets owned after announcing on twitter that he’s not distributing his latest crap film in North Carolina due to LGBTRWZX anguish. He quickly pulled the tweet but too late, buddy.

moore idiot

Andy Borowitz doesn’t like democracy and thinks that people should be brainwashed from school age on the “correct” way to vote. This picture has been doing the rounds on Facebook. It is being posted not by those of the right mocking him, but from those of the left praising him.


The next one needs no comment from me.


Sheesh, after all that I think it’s time for the babe of the week, the lovely Hannah Davis.