It’s taken me a little over two months to come up with the complete list of the 28 traits of the modern man. I have a Word document that contained my general list, on which I had a list of 36 traits. But these I whittled down until I came up with the final 28. That number is not binding and I may add more in the future.

Regular reader Khan came up with a few suggestions, all of which I had in the full list of 36. They are, know how to hunt, know how to defend yourself, and learn a second language. The language one is very important in my opinion, but when I go into the list in detail for a follow-up book I will change trait 15 to, ‘The modern man seeks knowledge’. At present it is, ‘The modern man reads books’. I expressed doubts on that trait and it will be updated accordingly.

I think that hunting and defense could theoretically be linked together. Mind you, 30 is a nice round number.

Looking at the list you will note that the vast majority of the traits have nothing to do with women. The only two that come close are traits 21 and 24, but even those are doubtful as one can use game on any person, not just necessarily someone you intend to sleep with, and not having a serious girlfriend is the opposite of chasing after women.

This was intentional on my part. I think that the vast majority of the male orientated sites and information portals on the internet as well as books are overwhelmingly dedicated to picking up women and how to go about it. Thus their focus is not on men, it is on women, which is ironic considering that the general topic is known as the manosphere.

Understand that I am not interested in how to pick up women. Sexual success is often substituted as a defining characteristic of a man. In other words, the more women that you sleep with the more of a man you are. If you are only interested in how to pick up women then you will inevitably mold yourself in as favorable a light as possible as to how women view you.

This is putting the cart before the horse. Your focus should be both on how you see yourself and on how other men see you. By doing this you will inevitably attract women because a true man is inherently attractive to women. It is ironic that so many men dedicate themselves to shaping their identity to a female perspective when doing the opposite would yield much greater results.

You should be proud to be a man. I think that being male is a wonderful thing. But to get the most out of your male identity you need to work hard at developing yourself to your full potential. In the modern world we no longer have opportunities to discover and explore unseen lands, to tame wilderness and forge it into civilization. We are civilized. So to be a man now lacks inherent meaning when held up to the past. On top of that we live in a feminized society. Becoming a real man today takes a great deal of dedication and courage in the face of hostile criticism.

For me this is not much of a challenge as I am a contrarian by nature. But contrarian or not this should spur you on to greater impetus. The list of traits are not finished. We are only getting started. Over the next few months I will look at different aspects of the traits. I intend to give examples of how to go about achieving success in relation to them.

If you have questions or you would like me to write about or even podcast about certain aspects, do not hesitate to drop a comment or fire off an email to me. As the final trait declares, we are men together not apart. And I consider the readers here to be men that I am associating with. I can learn as much from you as you can learn from me.