The video below has been doing the rounds the last few days. It shows a white male reporter who looks to be about five foot nine interviewing students in an American university on whether people should be allowed to choose which bathroom they wish to use based on ‘how they identify’. It then devolves into a complete lesson in cognitive dissonance where he manages to get the same students to agree that he is a six foot five Chinese woman. Please watch the video before going to my take on it below.

The key to this performance is the students’ reactions to the increasingly absurd questions. You can see their anxiety levels rising as they begin to understand where this is taking them but they are almost uniformly unable to diverge from the narrative.

The reason for this is fear, pure and simple. Fear of being persecuted and ostracized on their campus for having the ‘wrong opinions’ once the video was released. It does not matter to them how stupid and facile they look to the world at large. What matters is survival. This is the exact same methodology that the big Communist regimes of the 20th century used to intimidate and mentally conquer their respective populations.

You may have heard of the infamous local meeting in Soviet Russia where the mayor led a round of applause to their great leader, Stalin. The clapping continued but nobody wanted to be the first one to stop. An old man dropped from exhaustion and eventually the mayor called a halt to the great relief of everyone. The next day the mayor was sent to the gulag. Stalin was not even in attendance.

This was a simple demonstration of pure power. If you can install so much fear in people that they will willingly declare that the sky is brown and the earth is blue then you will be able to get them to do anything. Commit any atrocity. This is not in any way a new idea. But it seems that unless a country has lived through this then they will be doomed to enact it.

So-called gender equality in public restrooms is nothing more than a concerted attempt to move along the line of the power game. The people behind this do not care about transsexuals nor their rights. In fact, I would not be surprised if they were amongst the first to be lined up against the wall after having served their purpose. Likewise, gay marriage was never about the rights of gays to marry. They are just the pawns being used in the attempted overthrow of the populace.

I feel desperately sorry for those students. I do not mock them. They are pawns in a totalitarian game. But while I feel sorry for them I also fear them. For they are the ones that will soon be pounding on citizens’ homes at two in the morning for having the wrong thoughts. They will pound zealously and they will haul good people away. Because they will be living in total fear at being the first one to stop clapping.

Now watch that video again. And worry for your future and that of your loved ones.