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According to Alec Baldwin I suffer from mental illness.


I’d like to have a beer with one of these guys, but which one?

I like Alec Baldwin as an actor. I think he’s great. His brother Billy? Not so much. He was okay in The Usual Suspects but his film choices just haven’t resonated with me. But if you asked me which of the two I’d like to have a drink with it would be Billy every single time.

One of my friends is going to be laughing at this post because he teases me that Alec is a chronic leftie. Not only is he a chronic leftie but now he’s accusing me of being mentally ill.

“I believe the climate change denial is a form of mental illness.”

How about that? I’m due to be committed because Alec says so.

Let me put my views of climate change, (they don’t call it global warming anymore because of tricky situations like it snowing in England yesterday), right on the table. If you don’t like them then you’re free to disagree with me. If you don’t like my views and want me punished for the crime of wrong-think then you and I will have to disagree on what sort of society we like to live in.

There are a lot of ancient Roman towns underwater. They’re a fair way down too. What caused that water to rise? I don’t think that many people were driving around in over-sized SUVs 2000 years ago. Or 1000 years ago. Or 100 years ago for that matter. Or how about this old chestnut that you hear in different forms all the time?

Based on ice-core sampling data the ice-pack hasn’t been this low for 40,000 years!

Yeah, okay. And 40,000 years ago? Who was driving around in the SUVs then?

Or how about,

It’s the highest temperature ever recorded in the town. The highest temperature in history.

What history are we talking about here? The town’s history? So what’s that, 100 years? And the earth is how old exactly?

Anyone who thinks that we affect the weather are the ones suffering the mental illness here. It’s called cognitive dissonance. And if they think that I’m happy to fork over my money to pay for them to fly to another conference in some fancy location, (they never have a conference in the middle of the fucking desert, do they), so they can wank on about how noble they are then they’re sadly mistaken. There’s such a conference going on right now. Here’s what Leonardo DiCaprio had to say on the subject:

“Our planet cannot be saved, unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground, where they belong,”

This from the man who owns a private jet. Can they only get overpaid actors to trot out these lines? The reason is because poor old Alec and Leonardo have incredible wealth but feel just a little bit guilty about it. But if they get behind a great cause then they can feel better! The fact that the cause directly contradicts their own lifestyles does not matter. The message is the medium.

They say that it’s a crisis. But they’re not acting like it’s a crisis. They’re not selling their private jets or their ten houses and mega-yachts that the last time I checked don’t run on cabbage. So they’re a bunch of hypocrites. But they’re doing it right in front of our faces. They’re not even trying to hide it. I mean has one, just one really rich person who goes around advocating all this climate change crap got rid of all their stuff? And gone and lived in a mud hut in Uganda? Anyone? Anyone?


If you believe this stuff in the face of all real evidence and in the face of such blatant hypocrisy then you may as well be the bearded freaky dude on the street holding the ‘world is about to end’ sign.

Who’s mentally ill now?



Choose your own bathroom.


Could you pay for a $400 emergency?

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  1. Nick and Nora

    I really appreciate your views here. Thank you for making me feel that I am still a normal human being

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