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Do I consider myself to be a MGTOW?

Aaron Clarey has a video up eviscerating the pretend MGTOW movement. That stands for Men going their own way. Apparently they have a symbol and everything that they stick on the back of their motorcycles. Aaron dissects the men who are using MGTOW as a crutch and substitute for their failures from those men who go their own way because they don’t want to buy into the blue pill life that modern society demands of them.

I’m writing about this because Aaron uses me as an example of what a real MGTOW is. He does this at around the 20 minute mark. If you have no idea of MGTOW or of virgin-TOWs as Aaron calls them, then watch the video so I don’t have to do all the explaining here.

If I was going to provide one quote that I consider best sums up my life, I would use the one that is most often attributed to Groucho Marx:

I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member.

As Aaron says, it doesn’t matter if you identify as an atheist, or a conservative, or a libertarian, or an SJW. If you let a group define your self-identity then you have no identity. There are two types of homosexuals. The first type happen to be gay but it does not define who they are. The second type base their entire identity around the fact that they are homosexual.

Individuals with a true identity, and thus a true sense of self-worth, are firmly rooted in their place in the world. They are complex individuals who have had to do a lot of personal hard work to reach their current position as a person. People who avoid this hard work instinctively latch onto a group-identity to substitute for their own lack of self-worth. This is why a homosexual who bases their entire identity around being gay is very easily insulted by any perceived slight towards homosexuality. Any criticism of homosexuality, however mild, will be interpreted as a personal attack on them.

If a guy actively identifies as an MGTOW then his entire focus will be based around what it means to be part of the group. Instead of ‘going his own way’ his life will devolve into an endless search for validation within the context of the group. This quickly turns into an unhealthy inward focus as group members struggle to prove their own worthiness to each other while simultaneously actively seeking out any outside criticism in order to ‘destroy a foe’ and subsequently raise their own status.

Feminism works exactly the same way which is why it is pointless to debate them and goes some way to explaining some of their behavior.

So do I identify as an MGTOW? Well it should be clear to you by now that I don’t identify as anything. I simply am who I am as the great Popeye once said. But my actions and circumstances are conducive to what is known as a MGTOW and they have been for most of my adult life.

One of the earliest posts on this blog was titled, Are you a sheep or a master of your own destiny? True MGTOWs are masters of their own destiny. The ability to think for oneself and to not live in a perpetual bubble is very far from the norm. A group identity is simply that of a sheep with the identity of the group acting as a nice coat of fluffy wool. Comforting but ultimately self-defeating.

If you want to read about someone who stopped being a sheep and began an adventure to discover a sense of purpose and personal identity, grab my book.


The modern man is not in the delivery room.


‘A real friend and mentor is not on your payroll’.


  1. Adventure and Business

    You seem less MGTOW and more of a focused man who wants to live a good life and fight for a better world. MGTOW seems more like men who chose to just leave and find a nice niche. I think most men want to succeed in areas MGTOW men aren’t going into like having a family one day, or in business or such.
    I’m enjoying your book. I’m finally at page 50. I get busy so reading takes time.

  2. I almost called myself a MGTOW until I realised that everyone who calls themselves that, and goes on about it, is a loser. Listen to any of them on YouTube. At first they make some good points but they eventually let the bag out of the hat with an errant remark:

    ” . . . so I sent her seventeen more emails and she still didn’t reply”

    Or something like that.

    I live life for myself and not for a woman, a tribe or a country. Men of earlier generations lived for those other things because they got something in return.

  3. Adventure and Business

    I like captain capitalism but I’ve never been into MGTOW label.
    Very interesting topic. Lot of thinking to do.

  4. Tim

    Today, I awoke with the normal morning wood. Shortly thereafter, I accidentally fell inside the toilet because I never put the seat lid down (it’s worth it). I checked my bank balances and they were exactly what I expected. I’m $4,000 richer than I was last month. There are no alimony payments. There are no child support payments. Half of the close to 9K after tax money I make every month goes directly into savings. I live on half of what I make. My car is twelve years old and only has 50K miles – because I work from home. That made my woody a litter harder so I had to edge for a couple of hours to porn. Great way to spend your Sunday morning. After that, I spent some time practicing my professional magic. In other words, I spent some time improving my professional skills so that my clients will continue to cling to me as they’ve done for the past couple of decades. I do that every day. Why? My clients trust me. Why? Because I never let them down and I exist in the top 10% of credentialed pros they seek. I’m as invaluable to them as they are to me. We’re equal. We’re symbiotic.

    Marriage is about the very worst thing you can do to yourself as a man. Being a dedicated MGTOW means you don’t have to sacrifice on behalf of some entitled cunt, you don’t have to compromise for the same – and most importantly – you don’t have to have your life destroyed by some hateful bitch that pretended to love you. Never give a woman the ring of power. 10s upon 10s of millions of men – in the US alone – have discovered in the worst way possible that you never give a woman any level of power over your life as a man.

    Gynocentrism is cancer for men. Practice it and it will eventually destroy your life. Gynocentrism is chivalry. You’ll willingly walk into life threatening situations and ruin your future when you put poody on a pedestal. Don’t do it. Poody isn’t worth it. Why? Because you’ll eventually come to hate yourself for doing so. You’ll eventually be made a fool by the very poody you worship.

    Conservatives – especially conservative women – will tell you that marriage is better for men than women. Why? They know it’s a lie but why keep repeating the lie? To answer that question – ask yourself why the flagrantly false 1 in 5 college rape/sexual assault statistic – though thoroughly debunked – remains the de facto truth on university campuses and why this lie is rapidly working its way into the criminal justice system. Because both conservatives and democrats want men to be terrified to have sex with women – and they want to give women the power to forcefully transfer men’s wealth and power to women through anti-male laws like “affirmative consent”. Men aren’t getting married anymore – hence the death of vagimony, vag support and asset division – which means women have to develop another way to destroy men’s lives – and enable civil suit payouts (ala affirmative consent). See Canada Ghomeshi trial. Heed that lesson carefully.

    You’ve been trained by day one of your life as a man to sacrifice yourself for women. How? Through books, friends, family, movies, TV and radio. You been socially conditioned to consider yourself beneath women all of your life. Sucks, huh? What are you sold by white knights and the evil gynocracy instead of truth? You’re sold the lie of the evil patriarchy. Men are four times more likely to commit suicide, suffer 98% of combat and workplace deaths, are the majority of impoverished and homeless – but they’re privileged – and all members of the evil patriarchy. Pull my middle leg and it plays jingle balls.

    It’s all bullshit folks – and conservatives are the master bullshitters. Not only are they experts at bullshitting you – they’re masters at bullshitting themselves. I’ll take an honest hooker over a christian woman looking for a hubby any day.

    I’m certain you fuck-sticks will ignore and berate all I’ve written. Why? Because you’re idiots.

    • Adam

      As one commenter on Cappy’s video says, MGTOW is a reprioritization of women in your life not a rejection of them. The trick is to not fall into the many trips that you have mentioned while learning how to reprioritize effectively.

  5. > aaron clarey
    is a coward who resorted to doxxing just because

    > you
    have no idea what MGTOW really is… for starters, it’s not a movement and it never will be one.

  6. As RBK put it, MGTOW is a philosophy aimed at the greater understanding of gender dynamics for the purpose of liberating men.

    The only thing we’ll take your MGTOW card away for is getting married, because it’s not much different than selling yourself in to slavery and therefore entirely antithetical to male liberation.

    Speaking of Aaron Clarey (is he vihanlietsoja)? RBK exposed him several times in videos, you can go back and watch those if you want to understand the controversy surrounding the doxxing. Don’t waste your time explaining it (again) to someone who won’t listen and from what I can tell, is a pathological liar.

  7. john smith

    Clarey cares about Clarey ego. If only I was 1/10 as smart as Clarey’s ego says he is then Stephen Hawking would be e-mailing me for advise on subatomic particle physics. And as far as the author of this ego hard-on is concerned, the reader learns everything he needs to know about the “gentleman adventurer” with his sign off of “grab my book”. The nuances of self-promotion is an art these two clowns are far from mastering.

  8. kobah

    Its funny how some MGTOW men rather spend their life masterbating then learn to put woman in their place, thats all it is, dominant sex is a male, alpha or no alpha, woman must be put down to their level. It wont be right as men to go MGTOW, knowing deep down men lyk our sex and woman like their assurance. Who said that life was fair or that it is going to be sold u bullshit friends, but its that hardship, and commitment that structures and makes a man strong. We dont live for ourselves men or woman, if we were all to go MGTOW in decades back none of us would be writing things shitting woman.

  9. MGTOW

    Well with the type of women we have out there now which many of us Good Single Men will stay MGTOW For Life.

  10. thomas athins

    MGTOW, if it is going to grow into something really helpful it must be more then just a vagina free zone although that is very important it must become less intellectual and more spiritual.
    Females shall compass a man, the root of the problem is spiritual, the spirit of whoredom is lose in the land and madam feminism is directing the prostitutes to take as much as they can get away with so until men stop needing prostitutes the problem is not going to correct its self.

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