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Stay away from the crazy.

The better the sex the crazier she is, and the crazier she is the shorter the duration you need to see her. For the ultimate crazies out there, one night is probably too long. For that one night of the best sex of your life you’ll probably spend months trying to extricate the bitch if you made the mistake of taking her back to your home.

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This warms the cockles of my dark heart.

One of the first things I check when I get up on Monday morning is Ace’s Sunday morning book thread. I get all sorts of great recommendations from it and my “still to read” pile on my desk looks like an unstable office tower as a result. Ace almost went off the reservation a month ago when he threatened to mentally implode over the Trumpening, but he seems to have recovered and is close to being back at his very best.

Anyhoo, in his most recent book thread write-up he posted details of a Penguin publishing competition to find new diverse authors, (where have we heard that before – Ed), who write for the young adult market. The prize is a publishing contract and all the usual goodies that make would-be writers willing to sell their souls to pagan cannibals just for the chance of having a sniff at the win.

However, it is the competition details that caught Ace’s eye, and thus my own:

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No, the universe won’t provide.


Um … no it won’t.

Okay, Sunday personal economics time again. We’ve looked at the three deadly financial words and why living in the now just means you’ll be broke. Now lets check out one of the other really big financial delusion mechanisms that is quite widely accepted by the New Age industry and people whose personal finances are a bit of a mess.

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You know you’re a beta when …

You know you’re a beta when …

Your girlfriend’s mum loves you more than she does.

That’s all I’ve got today. Late night, early morning, too much to do, normal service resumes tomorrow.

Alpha Males are not brutes.

The examination of men and the term alpha male is increasing every day in mainstream media and around the internet. And with this attention comes a common set of misconceptions. The biggest of which is that an alpha male is a brute. A man dragging a woman along by the hair whilst dealing out violence to other men who stand in his way. A bully. Someone who uses his fists at the earliest opportunity.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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The Safe Space Gulags.

safe space

When we hear of things like student “safe spaces” most of us roll our eyes, and shake our heads, and maybe we make a comment about how precious and ridiculous and weak the youth of today are. We create and circulate memes showing US soldiers landing at Omaha Beach and we compare their behavior, courage, and dedication to the complete lack of the same in the current generation.

But what if the safe spaces are a tool to control the people inside them? We assume that the students going into the safe spaces do so because they don’t want to hear any unwanted messages. But what if it’s the other way around? What if they’re being put in these spaces through social pressure so they can’t hear any unwanted messages? Messages that would go against their indoctrination process.

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Podcast – Being bullied is good for you.

My third podcast is about why being bullied is a part of growing up and how you can use it to learn and grow as a man.

The global implications of the death of Big Oil.

Here is a fascinating post from an oil industry insider. It concerns his identification of the death of the Big Oil style energy companies. Think BP, Chevron, Total, and the like. He thinks Exxon-Mobile might survive but based on what I saw of them when I worked in the industry I very much doubt their ability to pivot around this coming change, at least in Australia.

To put it simply, the fracking revolution is much more revolutionary than anyone ever thought. There is what’s known as long-flow fracking which is a new and unpublicized technique.

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Who wants to live in Africa?

Over at Coyote Blog there’s an interesting post about how government funding stifles initiative:

I will make two-hour presentations to parks agencies about how we can improve operations quality while cutting costs by 30-50% or more, and the near-universal response is, “well, if you reduce costs, then the legislature will just reduce our appropriations.”  More efficient park operations, and at the margin better visitor service, don’t create any wins for agency employees given their incentives.  In fact, if the parks are improved and more people show up, their job is just harder.  I had the manager of Arizona’s premier state park tell me, absolutely in all seriousness, that he had the best job in the world if it wasn’t for all the visitors.

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The faces of progressivism.

I have a couple of additions to recent posts that I have made, developments if you will. First of all is to the piece I wrote about the new community manager at the MMO ArcheAge and the effect that he/she/it is having. Thanks to reader Rob who did some digging around we now have a face to put with their new progressive staff member. The one who is so dedicated to safe and welcoming spaces in a hardcore pvp game which encourages players to steal in-game from each other and has the game mechanics to allow this.

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