It’s a rainy Sunday morning and I have a few things saved up that caught my eye over the week.

First up a video from January of an interview between a European female journalist and an older Danish female journalist on the subject of why North African and Arabic male immigrants are disrespecting European women. It is illuminating in the sheer cluelessness of the younger woman against the broad and cynical experience and pragmatism of the older woman. Very much recommended viewing.

Next up another video that explores the propaganda line, ‘Diversity is our Strength’ that is endlessly parroted by world leaders and their ilk. As the video shows the line should be, ‘Unity is our Strength’.

I’ve never been one for Apple products. My friends who are devotees tend to be religious in their following. It turns out they routinely steal your stuff.

A new law in Connecticut effectively outlaws college sex. I wonder if it will stop there or move into more general law.

Another video. Davis Aurini has released his first patreon video titled, Charisma for Introverts.

And finally our babe of the week. Apparently this lovely young lady is a professional Swiss cyclist. I knew I shouldn’t have given up cycling for motorbikes all those years ago.

swiss biker