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The Politics of Envy on display.

The Left are all about wealth redistribution. Someone has more than you, that is unfair, we will redistribute the wealth to make things fairer. It is logic that is typical of a sandpit full of five year old kids. Unfortunately, The Left consistently demonstrate that they have failed to grow up.

I have said many times that life is about choices. That is our great luxury in a free market society. When I lived in Uganda I constantly saw the many ways in which people did not have a choice in their own outcomes. We trained up a young local Ugandan named Charles to be a safety kayaker. He quickly became very skilled and he enjoyed the job immensely. He was also smart with his money. He invested in a large television set, a DVD player, and rented out a large business space. This he turned into his very own movie theater. He charged people the equivalent of 20 cents to watch a full DVD movie.

The place was packed. Charles would work all day on the river and then run his movies at night. The average Ugandan wage at the time was about 20 bucks a month. Charles was pulling in over twice that a day. But then Charles lost his movie theater. His father-in-law and other associated relatives were jealous of Charles’ success. So they shut down his operation and confiscated his goods with the help of a local magistrate.

The fact that Charles was providing for this man’s daughter was irrespective in this case. Logic holds no ground when envy is in a man’s heart. That man is doing well, I am not, I must take away what he has. It is the oldest human condition and it is the source of all human misery.

Charles’ reaction was educational. He laughed off what had happened. “They are stupid,” was his reply to us when we asked what had happened. “I will find another way.” His optimism was infectious. It was just unfortunate for Charles that he was born in Uganda. Imagine if he had be born in Australia. What things might he have achieved?

The following clip is from Judge Judy. It demonstrates the politics of envy beautifully. The Left play behind a polite veneer of using the government as a redistribution tool. The video is a clear example of what a real attempt at redistribution looks like without the convenient government middleman.


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  1. Sjonnar

    That video was pure fucking gold.
    Chick: “She had the money to give me. She loaned–wait, she didn’t loan…”
    Judge: “I judge for the plaintiff in the amount of $2000.”

    The true voice of socialism. You have a job and you drive around in a Beemer? Gibsmedats.

    • Adam

      I love Judge Judy’s line of questioning. She gets the woman to reveal her circumstances and quickly betray herself. Just sheer brilliance. As another commentator recently said. Judy is the natural replacement for Scalia.

      • Sjonnar

        Eh… I dunno so much about that. Manipulating one welfare queen into revealing her true motives does not a hardline Constitutionalist make. At the end of the day, she’s still a TV judge; as much an actress as an arbiter. I will, however, admit we could do a lot worse. And have. Repeatedly.

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