I was going to link up this weekend but I have so many pages sitting open on my browser that I just want to get them out there now before my computer crashes and I lose them all. First up is the hot babe of the week. Now I know that she normally comes last but there’s a special reason for putting her first this week as it’s got something to do with what she had to say.

This is Aussie model Simone Holtznagel and recently she had this to say about American guys that she has met:

“Also, they need to realise, I am the girl. If you are more worried about the way you look than I am about how I look, then there is something wrong with you.”

Wise words indeed from Ms Holtznagel.


Other stuff that caught my eye so to speak:

According to the loony left now trees are racist. Soon it will be the moon and the stars, all racist, racist, racist. My go-to position is that the first person to cry racist is in fact the racist.

McCain has posted on what he calls The Myth of the Masculinity Crisis. I like what he writes but on this occasion I’m going to have to disagree with him. Saying, “What would Rick Blaine do?”, as a response to any moment of doubt you find yourself in is kind of useless these days. Rick Blaine would have lived in an era that respected and valued masculinity, unlike now which degrades it. As Dr Helen says:

Asking “what Rick Blaine would do” is a bit of white knighting. Asking what a free man in a free society should expect might be more helpful. We are not living in those times and our society does not value liberty and freedom. This is the real crisis.

No, we need a man of our times to use as a good example. As I have already written, what would Trump do?

Next up a site which offers dating and marriage prospects for Americans to find Canadian partners and move to Canada so as to escape the horrors of a Trump presidency. Just look at all the SJWs who are threatening to leave the country if Trump is elected. Sounds like a win-win to me.

The Wall Street Journal comes out in support of Hilary Clinton. It’s behind a paywall but just type, ‘Hillary the conservative hope’ into a search engine and you should get it. My favorite bit from the slobbering little quisling who wrote it:

A Trump presidency means losing the Republican Party. Conservatives need to accept that most conservative of wisdoms—sometimes, losing is winning, especially when it offers an education the the importance of political hygiene.

No, you moron, losing is just losing and it means you’re a loser. And you lost the Republican Party a long time ago.

And finally we have Emma Watson, that darling child of the left who loves to lecture us on how women have no real possibilities of achievement after she became a multimillionaire at the age of twelve. Turns out that she’s be named in the Panama Papers. As with all matters of the Left, the hypocrites will no doubt hypocrite. It’s okay when they do it as they have good reasons, blah blah blah. (Note – I doubt the illegality of the vast number of people in the Panama Papers. Holding funds offshore is not illegal if it’s already been declared.)