I had a good day at the keyboard today. It’s been a good week actually and things are coming along nicely for the next book which is tentatively titled, The Prosecco Paddlers. I’m hoping to have it out some time in June but it may go to July if the good wife drags me away on an overseas holiday.

The book is set in the Italian valley in the Alps where I lived and worked for over ten years. I thought I might put up some cool photos of the area. I’ll do one today and stagger some more over the next few weeks.


This shot is taken from the mountains on the northern side of the valley looking south. My home was almost directly below this point out of shot of the camera. As you can see it’s a pretty stunning location. This is the screenshot which I’ve set as the background on my computer. I do miss the place. The book details a single 5 month rafting season in the valley and all the adventures and tribulations associated with rafting with the crazy Italians.

Some other updates for my hordes of slavering fans out there. I have spoken in the past about doing a podcast. I have recorded a few episodes but I’m not satisfied with them at this stage. I’m trying to get a nice creative niche as opposed to ‘guy talking into microphone’ which is all too common on the internets. Until I’m happy with it I’m not putting it out there.

Also, Australia is now in the grips of a federal election. Unlike our poor American cousins who have to sit through their election for over a year, ours lasts eight weeks this time which is still far too long in my opinion. To that end I am going to begin writing my observations on the election process. These will be extra posts and won’t interrupt the normal daily flow. Those of you from foreign climes can feel free to read or ignore them as you wish, but I do hope you’ll find something entertaining in my musings.