10 ‘male privileges’.

This video at the time of this posting has under 4000 views. If you are a man you need to watch this. If you are a woman who has men in her life that you care about, you need to watch this. If you are a raving misandrist please watch the video so you may have the satisfaction of basking in a job well done.

The privileges in the order presented:

  1. Custody.
  2. Sexual assault.
  3. Incarceration.
  4. Violent crime.
  5. Internet harassment.
  6. Lack of cancer research.
  7. Workplace accidents.
  8. Global mockery of men’s issues.
  9. Education.
  10. Suicide.

However, do not fall into the trap of thinking that this is an excuse to sit around and moan about how hard done by you are. Use it as a timely reminder that the modern man knows that life is unfair. And use it as an impetuous to achieve even more than you thought was possible in your life despite all the hurdles that stand in your way.

The vast majority of the presenters and talking heads in the video are women. There are few men willing to stand up and rail about the injustices done to them. That is because either they have used these injustices as a convenient excuse to loaf around and do nothing, or they’re so busy getting out there and achieving shit in the real world then they don’t have time to bitch and moan about how hard done by they are.

Choose your side wisely.


5 thoughts on “10 ‘male privileges’.

  1. Sheela

    Adam, thank you for writing the article. As a girl growing up in India, I was constantly aware of the disadvantages women face.
    I never knew men had issues exclusive to the male population. (Except still being expected to be the sole provider for wife and kids many times even in today’s harsh economy, at least in my country)
    I once read that some young American schoolboys die every year from head concussions. Is that right? I’ve also heard repeated complaints from men’s rights groups that schools don’t tolerate rough physical play, thus harming boys. What is to be done about this double edged sword?


    1. More and more parents are taking their kids out of school and homeschooling them so as to avoid having their children indoctrinated by the progressive left who have taken over the education institutions. Short of setting up your own school I see that as the only option. Some parents have grouped together to achieve this, taking turns with the small group of children.


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